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"I uploaded a silent hotfix to 2.3.2 to fix a very specific issue with 2.3 pro time limited trials -- Apparently the next version number slipped in. I will back-correct this, but it should not produce any problems or interfere in any way."

Miss that. Ok, so I do not need to uninstall it. Thanks a lot.
On the help/about,  mine says World Machine 2 professional 2.3.3

Now I am wondering if I should uninstall it & then reinstall it. Since it was an update, I just updated by installing over past version, I did not uninstall & reinstall this.

It says here it is release 2.3.2, Why does the program show version 2.3.3   :?


Bug Reports and Help / Re: Macros do not load?
May 06, 2013, 06:32:30 pm
Thanks for your help Remnant,

I clicked on set & navigated to the macros library. I can see the folders for coverage library & surface maps.  When I surf there from the paths I can see the dev files.

When I first installed WW2, I set the default for those folders to another drive. It warned me that the files would have to be installed manually. That was when I first uninstalled, cleaned all files to the program from my computer, rebooted & reinstalled allowing the files to install to the default folder.

What does the empty macro mean, just below Macro from library...

I noticed that the Programs (X86) folder contains the some of the same files as kept in Documents/ World machine Documents. These files are Examples, Macros, Presets and startup. tmd. Why are the same files in both folders? Also, when I add a tmd file to the sample folder, I cannot see it from within the program.

thanks again

Bug Reports and Help / Macros do not load?
May 06, 2013, 05:07:07 pm
Hi all,

I am trying to load a  macro that came with the WW2.3.1 install.  I am new to World Machine version 2.

I go into Devices/ Macro from library & nothing happens. Right below macro from library it says Empty Macro.

I have gone into Word commands/ preferences/ Paths  and opened the macro folder. I see the .dev macro files there.

Why will they not open? I've reinstalled WW2 3 times now. I am using windows 7 professional 64 bit. I did notice that the program, even though it says 64 bit, installed into the x86 program folder.


Bug Reports and Help / Ashunder site
September 08, 2006, 11:24:24 am
Is there a problem with the ashunder site? When ever I click on a zip file from the download section of this forum the page comes up "This account has been suspended, please contact the...
Bug Reports and Help / Kagi, not very professional
June 03, 2005, 02:22:36 am
Oshyan, thank you very much for your help. I truly appreciate it!
I do hope Stephen is ok.

Unfortunately I did not get the registered version. :cry: I finally gave up on kaji and simply contacted my visa company and had it cancelled.

If you know of another source where I can purchase the registered version of world machine, I would really appreciate it.
The program goes so well with my terragen, poser & even my world wind program.

thanks for everything Oshyan.

Bug Reports and Help / Kagi, not very professional
June 01, 2005, 12:57:47 pm
Hello everyone.
I had tried to get Kagi, who sell world machine for Stephen to contact me with no luck at all!
I purchased the world machine registered version through Kagi.
There was a problem with the download.
I sent kagi up to now, about 8 emails. I have sent them to admin, support, And I had sent 2 emails to Stephen at remnant@world-machine.com
I had not had one reply from anyone. I found this to be very frustrating!. My focus here is Kagi as they are selling Stephen's product. The emails I sent Stephen may not of gotten to him as he may be away.
Kagi, in not replying to my emails is like telling me you can wait till be get around to you. We already have your visa authoriztion, that is all we care about.
In all my years of online purchasing, I have never been made to feel this way by any company other then Kugi. I find it to be so unprfessional!
It has left me with a bad taste in my mouth for world machine. There is a phone number to call in the United States but being from Canada, I really do not need the added expense.
I just now noticed that kagi has sent me an email, very short & sweet saying they will send my emails off to support. Support was the first place I originally emailed at the beginning of the problem.

Very Frustrated!
Bug Reports and Help / Problem getting a reply
May 31, 2005, 01:22:59 am
Oshyan, thank you very much for your help.
I do still have the original email.

I guess I feel angry right now because I am being ignored. I do not like giving out my money for a product I do not even have yet, and I hate being ignored even more. IT makes me feel like "hey, we will get around to you at our convinience.
If Stephen is as you say he is, then Kagi is doing him a big disservice. When we deal with a representitive of someone, it is as if we are dealing with that person. I actually thought Stephen & Kagi were one in the same. Just a company name he gave himself.

Ignore the guest message as I was not logged in.

Again my email address is red1@rogers.com
HEllo everyone.
I had purchased the registered version of world machine.
An email was sent to me with a key and a url to go to.
I clicked on the url, nothing happened. I tried again and again nothing so I just began clicking and clicking on it. It finally came up telling me that I had exceeded my downloads.
I had sesnt emails to support, to kagi, and even to the maker of world machine.
No one has returned my emails , but, were quick in taking my 25.00 from visa.
I am really pissed with this company and do not see of any other thing I can do except to contact my visa company.
Does anyone have a suggestion?