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Feature Requests / Re: Future of Tiled Builds?
January 21, 2013, 12:44:04 pm
Thank you, if it's on your list then I'm happy!

In most of my current cases actually, I do believe the low res solution would work quite well. I blur and distort my rain shadows so much that details don't matter. My displaced terrain all happens before any erosion, but I think it would still make the erosion look much smoother at the edges like eroded noise with a low octave count. The giant height map route seems to be the best solution for the future either way. And in my case, I'm trying to generate an MMO sized world. I'm okay with it being 1 tiles = 8 hours to render, 8x8 tiles even. I expect that a final export will take a few weeks, spread across a few machines lol.
Feature Requests / Future of Tiled Builds?
January 20, 2013, 12:08:58 pm
Hey everyone, Remnant! Before I tell you how much WM sucks (lol yeah right :P), thank you for your continued development and support.

First I'll say that I understand why tiled builds break (anything that samples neighboring pixels, with greater error the further the distance). I'm curious how much thought has been put into solving this issue? I'm talking about potential WM3 features obviously. I want you to finish the current beta after all! So far everyone seems to have just accepted it and moved on. In the current state, I will never be able to use tiled builds because:

- Displacement: Obviously it can't find terrain beyond the tiled borders to pull into the tile, so if I'm displacing eastward, the west border of the tile either gets stretched or mirrored. I use displacement heavily in all my terrains, it's easily my #1 tile breaker. Strike one!

- Rain Shadows: I generate rain shadows east of mountain ranges by using a lightmap with shadows only, pointing east with a very low heading. If there is a mountain range just beyond my tile borders then no rain shadow can be generated and now I get a rain forest instead of a desert. I also use this to make western coasts more lush (making a "water shadow" for roughly simulating weather) but have the same issue where a coast might lay just beyond my border to the west. Strike two and three!

Then there are the obvious ones that have been discussed in the past like erosion and blur. Erosion I feel like I might be able to get past, but I do have a few large blurs that might be heavily affected, they're currently just overshadowed by issues from displacement and...shadows.

Perhaps there's some solution where WM could get a low res version of neighboring tiles to sample from? I'm not 100% sure how good of a job that would do, but in most of my cases, I don't need high detail terrain to sample from and I'd be willing to take a fairly large render speed hit.

Here's my current project, in case you're curious. http://procedurl.tumblr.com/ I want to do a 16x16 4096 tiled render of the 2 continents, but I can't. :( The best solution I can think of is manually making tiles with extents that are 2x the size of the desired tile, render at 8192, then cut out the middle 4096 and piece together, but I feel like that will still not solve the problem completely.
Feature Requests / Re: Ideas for work flow improvements
January 18, 2009, 10:33:54 pm
So I tried it on my home computer with no luck. I'm using Dualview here as well. The monitor order is correct here with #1 being my primary. Here's my specs.

Athlon 64 3400+ 2.21 GHz
2 GB of ram
GeForce 7600 GS
Windows XP Pro SP3

I'm running nView here too, but I tried with it disabled which didn't help. The only constant appears to be Dualview mode.
Feature Requests / Re: Ideas for work flow improvements
January 18, 2009, 01:38:02 pm
I'm currently on Windows XP Pro SP2. Not sure of the model processor (windows doesnt know) but it's an AMD dual core 3ghz. I've got 4 GB of ram and a GeForce 8800 GTS.

I use Dualview setup for my 2 monitors. Right now I've got the 2 monitors reversed as far as the geforce recognizes them in order. So #2 is my left monitor and primary. I have nView enabled with window snapping. It also manages where dialogues pop up. I can't think of any other possible variables right now.

I'll try this on my home computer as well.
Feature Requests / Re: Node: Mid-Tree terrain Baking
January 18, 2009, 01:26:12 pm
Great, glad to hear it's already on the table. Thanks guys.
I'm on pro, so it's not exclusive to the free one. It's probably a bug, or we're both dummies.  :P
Feature Requests / Re: Node: Mid-Tree terrain Baking
January 14, 2009, 01:50:31 pm
Is that the actual name of the device? I am unable to find anything. I looked through my devices, through help and the forum.

Feature Requests / Re: Ideas for work flow improvements
January 08, 2009, 01:51:11 pm

You know, either it's set to that by default or I was aware of this once upon a time. It was already turned on. However, I'm not getting a second window or any indication that it's working. I tried disabling it and enabling it again, no luck. Is that all I need to do?

Thanks a bunch!
I believe the Light-Map Maker shadows broke with 2.1. They were just working for me the other day. The only change is my installing of 2.1.
Feature Requests / Ideas for work flow improvements
January 08, 2009, 12:08:30 pm
There are some features I love that other node based programs have. Some are quite simple.

Dual Monitor support: I want this so bad! I want to be able to view my device tree and the 3D view at the same time. This one isn't supported by anything else that I'm aware of but I want it the most in WM.

Line Highlighting: I would like it if when you mouse over or select a device, all lines connected to it highlighted orange or whatever. When you mouse over a device input it would highlight the connecting line. Same with mousing over the line directly. This idea comes from UE3's node editors.

Better Curves: I highly recommend trying Filter Forge for general work flow ideas. They've got the smoothest node editor I've used yet. One major aspect I would like in WM is FF's handling of curves. All Generator Devices have a profile input for curves and there is a Tone Curve device (the same as WM's Curves device except with a Source input and a Curve input) for later curve adjustments. I like the idea that curves are their own group of devices that can be manipulated combined together before inputing into a heightfield. Here's a screenshot that shows what I'm talking about.

They've got a lot of curve devices with parameters to create many kinds of base curves like bias, gain, starstepping, pulse... Then they got curve math, combiners, mirrors...

I also like how the properties of the selected device are on the left panel so I have quicker access to them without losing control of my device view. I forgot to select a device to show this.

Clean Up Device Tree: Maybe WM already has this. I want an option to delete all devices that are not contributing to an Output.

Raw16 Extension: I mentioned this in another thread. I'd love an option to have Raw16 output with .raw rather than .r16

G16 Exporting: This would be a major help to UE3 developers.

That's all I can think of at the moment. :P Just so you know, there are some major features in WM I would love to have in FF too.
Feature Requests / Node: Mid-Tree terrain Baking
January 06, 2009, 03:20:57 pm
Due to the resolution dependence of erosion I'd like to suggest a convenience node to help bypass this problem. Of course resolution independent erosion would be the preferred choice but maybe this is more viable. What I would love is to be able to have outputs set their resolution. However, this would potentially be very bad when you have such nodes that are dependent. The output resolutions would create inconsistent results.

So maybe if there was a new node. All it would do is bake its input (at a preferred resolution separate from the world res) into a bitmap and output that bitmap. Perhaps you don't let the user link anything pre-bake node hook into anything post-bake node to prevent inconsistency. Ideally, there would be a small amount of smoothing to make up for the lower resolution.

This idea is, I like my major terrain features at 512 but I want to further detail it at higher resolutions. If I set my res to 1024 all my large terrain features that result from erosion are replaced with smaller details.
Bug Reports and Help / G16 Bitmap export
January 05, 2009, 04:21:54 pm
Is it plausible that in the near future, exporting to G16 could be supported? This is the terrain height format of choice for UE3. In the mean time I am using G16ed to convert r16 to G16. There are two annoyances with this. First, G16ed doesn't support anything above 1024. UE3 terrains like 1025 so that puts my limit at 513. Second, G16ed wont open .r16. This is minor (sort of), I just rename to raw, no further problems. This becomes a time waster when I have many terrain masks to convert. Now, this is really not WM's fault, but is there an option somewhere (or ini) where I can make WM save Raw16 to .raw instead?

Also, does anyone know of an alternative to G16ed that I can use? I would love to try 2048 (sorry, 2049) terrains in UE3... :P

Edit: Never mind the r16/raw question, I can just set the extension on the height output hehe.

Edit #2: WM resets my .raw extension back to .r16 when I close the height outputs :( So my question stands!
General Discussion / Filter Forge
February 16, 2007, 01:37:56 am
I came across the coolest photoshop (and stand along) plugin yesterday. It's a node based filter editor very similar to WM. Just take a look at the user submitted library of filters and you'll see the power.


Try the demo and definitely download a bunch of the filters, if nothing more than to see how they were made. I figured you guys would appreciate it :)
General Discussion / Questions about World Machine v1.2
December 02, 2005, 03:04:45 am
I think i found a bug. Using an inverter on a file input is a bit wacky. My input file is black and white. The inverter inverts it but the lowest elevation clamps up to midland. Doesnt make sense? Try it. :P

Ignore that, it seems like the real problem is that BMP is being input at half height. TGA works fine though.

Bug Reports and Help / Building terrain in sections
October 03, 2005, 10:36:14 pm
Quote from: Fil100 devices??

109 to be exact :lol: I wont try to explain why i had to use so many lol. I could've probably used less but i wouldnt be able to randomize my world as well. I realise this will take a lot of time for an 8192, an overnighter probably wont even work, but i'll find out haha. I left out thermal weathering though! I didn't use any macros (i actually tried making my first one last night which i'm going to post here later) and as for organizing, yes i did, somewhat. I can remember for the most part what areas do what, mostly by seeing what a device creates in the little preview window lol.

One thing i can probably do when im ready to build the terrain is build the first half at 4096 out to a .ter and use that as an input for the rest of device network. Then disable the first half and build the rest at 8192. I did this once before with a 4096 (which i split into 3 parts, overall it had like 90 devices) to cut down on the final build time so i could do overnighters.

Should be a good challenge lol. Network rendering would be nice :D

Thanks for the reply and the macro Rhalph. Perhaps if i ever even reach the point where i need to remove any seems it will come in handy! haha
Bug Reports and Help / Building terrain in sections
October 02, 2005, 06:06:11 pm
Thanks for the replies guys!

Fil, i see what you mean with the seperate tmds which i may try, however, that may be a bit of a nightmare with a tmd that has over 100 devices lol.

For what i'm using it for though i think building an 8192 terrain and using the midle 4096 of it will work fine. That leaves me with 2048x4096 rectangles on the sides and 2048 squares in the corners. I'll then just squish the sides down to 2048x2048 (the surrounding terrain is half res). I'll get stretched features, but i also have the option to docter them up with WM some more. All that is important is that the sides line up fairly well, the battlefield 2 editor can stich the sides together and i can do some final touches to remove visable seams.

Bug Reports and Help / Building terrain in sections
October 01, 2005, 10:02:47 pm
I was wondering if there is a way to slice my terrain into a set number of sections and render each section seperately without screwing with the devices. I know i can basically zoom in and pan around in the world size and positioning options but that doesnt work well when you're using lots of gradients and such for stuff like coastal regions. It would be really nice to be able to slice my terrain into 9 squares (3x3) and render each square out seperately.

In my case, i'm using this for Battlefield 2 which has a central terrain height map for the playable area and 8 surrounding lower res height maps so the terrain doesnt just end in view of the player. So you'd think i could just build the terrain and slice it in photoshop or whatever. The problem is that on the central terrain, i am able to use a 4096x4069 texture but since i can only build the terrain at a max of 8192, split that by three and i'm not getting the potential detail, if that makes sense.

Anyway, whether or not i can hack it, i think it would be a really useful feature. But i can imagine that it wouldnt be as simple as it seems with the way the different devices work. I guess my best option would be to build an 8192 terrain, use the midle 4096 of it and just stretch the surrounding terrain out accordingly.
Bug Reports and Help / 4096 building incorectly
August 18, 2005, 12:34:33 am
Great, well lukily there're other ways to do things! :D Thanks!
Bug Reports and Help / 4096 building incorectly
August 17, 2005, 06:43:24 pm
This seems to have to do with the memory conservation. I've got a gaussian blur masked by a height selector. The blur is not being masked however (this is my best guess) so my outputs are totally incorrect, 2048 works fine, but i dont use memory conservation for that. The height selector, like all my file outputs, is being preserved even though the memory conservation is only supposed to preserve outputs, right? So it seems like that's where things get messed. Somehow that height selection is not being fed into the blur mask. Like maybe it's acting as an output, so its info isnt fed into the mask... i dont know. I'm going to test the memory conservation out at lower res and see if i get the same results. Just got to wait a while for this latest 4096 build lol.

Edit: Ok, the problem isnt the height selector, its simply anything being fed into a mask input. I'm going to try outputing the select height and input that into the mask for now.

...Well using a file input didnt work either. I did go another rout though with a chooser for the same effect, but a fix for that would be nice :P
General Discussion / Sea level + related filters
August 13, 2005, 04:44:47 pm
Hello Fil and Remnant. Thanks for the replies, i'm glad to hear and not in the least surprised that you've already given thought to this Remnant.

Fil, i have not used a chooser, i'll mess around with that some more, thank you. What i've done so far is after getting a basic island shape, i used the curve and a masked terrace to flatten out some beached. Then with a height selecter i did a masked gaussian blur on the terrain below the sea level. In my case, i was making this island for a Battlefield 2 map and so i dont need to go into detail under water because you cant swim down there and it gets fogged out. I also painted a mask on steep coastal areas of the island and terraced those areas for some cliffs.

A macro would be nice indeed, perhaps just something as simple as creating beaches would be good enough. That took time to get right because it was a lot tougher to get beaches (after erosion) where steep terrain meets the supposed sea level, while not going overboard or whatever with the rest.

I still have so many devices to explore though, plus this is the first time i've used WM in a while so i've forgotten some tricks :P

I'll have to post screenshots of the map eventually.

Thanks guys!