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General Discussion / Re: Opinions on GeoGlyph?
January 28, 2016, 03:22:40 am
Agreed on getting the indie version - there's still a lot you can do with 4K, and those devices produce some great results.  But I couldn't justify stretching to $300 for the full version.  Also, the panel doesn't minimise with WM, which is a hassle - they need to get some GUI stuff sorted there.

I tried 3DEM, but no direct ASCII option - I changed the file suffix from .asc to .txt, and 3DEM spent a lot of minutes reporting 'Reading Point Data', but nothing happened.  That might be my impatience, but a 200K file?  I don't know what it was like processing data.

Global Mapper would be a surer way - I looked at that yesterday, but the spend is not something I can do right now.  And the tiles needing converting are likely to be many and various - still going through the OS data.  Thank you for the offer though - much appreciated.

I think perhaps the purchase of Global Mapper at some point might be an option, just cannot do it now.

Thanks again.


I am trying to see if it's possible to use the open data supplied by the Ordnance Survey, in the UK, to create terrain models.  The data is supplied in several formats, including ASCII, DXF, PRJ and GML.  I am not familiar with GIS systems, and am a bit stuck as to what to do - possibly naively, I thought I might be able to convert an ASCII to a heightfield, but with what I have no idea.

I would appreciate any insights and help.

Many thanks.

Announcements and News / Re: Two New Video Tutorials
March 19, 2012, 07:49:30 am
These video tutorials are really great - I know: they take time and alot of effort to get them this good, but they're worth it, and I'm looking forward to more.  Starting to wander out of the dabbling stage and learning WM seriously, so I'll take all I can get (and then some!).

Just to second that one - it would be of great interest to my work as well.

Development News / Re: Curve filter missing ?
March 07, 2012, 03:30:56 am
When is the next release?  I just installed the beta and instantly missed the Curve filter, because I was using it on a cratering job!