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Title: Sharing World Machine Files (*.tmd)
Post by: X-PaX on February 03, 2005, 05:29:04 am
Hello Everybody.

I've ask this question some days ago withing the 'General discuss'-Forum.
Remnant answers, that it would be possible to share world machine files.

Therefore we should use this 'Macro Sharing'-Forum.

Before I start sharing World Machine Files it would be nice to hear what you think about it.

Title: Sharing World Machine Files (*.tmd)
Post by: Fil on February 03, 2005, 06:36:09 am
what exactly would be a "file"-sharing forum? I don't think this forum has the capability of storing files..  But anyone can place links to files..

I think, it is a great idea to share knowledge among everybody, including links to harmless data files :) For that purpose this space seams fine, and I think that is its purpose.

If you mean to rearrage the "directory" structure of a forum (or sub-forum) to better suit file categories, or subdomains and so forth, I think it may be best to do it outside this forum, in a privately controled fashion.. I'm saying this because the organization we give to a file repository may change drasticly in a short time.. And this forum is not the best place for that type of rapid rearraging..

In my oppinion there really isn't great need for something that structured here, given the low sharing activity lately. So I think the current organization is still sufficient to let people come in and post links to their stuff, ask for suggestions and improvements etc..

On my behalf, I only need to find spare time to give my feedback.. And spare time is something I don't have much, unfortunately, but I do try to reply to every interesting ideia that comes up;)

Title: Sharing World Machine Files (*.tmd)
Post by: JavaJones on February 03, 2005, 11:04:41 pm
Sounds good to me. Sharing macros or sharing .tmd's, I don't see much difference. Share it, show us what it can do, and we'll all benefit! :)

- Oshyan