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Title: [FILE INPUT] ~ "Set from resolution" button?
Post by: Zehryo on January 18, 2013, 10:36:18 am
To speed up my renderings and reduce memory requirements I often bake parts of the chain in separate RAW files and then replace the respective devices with a single File Input.

Everything's ok, as long as the area I'm importing has the same resolution as the main extent; but I often set different extents, if I have isolated isles, so that I can reduce the resolution along with the size and save some rendering time and HDD space.
Since the resulting RAW files are smaller in resolution than the main extent, I have to manually set it to keep the right scale, which is pretty annoying, if I cant remember how many kilometers per side they were.

So, let's say, if my main extent is 4096x4096px and the pre-baked isle is 1024x1024px, I'd like to have a button that sets the size of the input depending on the resolution ratio between the RAW file and the extent, which, in this case, is 1/4.

Would it be possible? =o

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