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Title: Looking for a pro worldmachine user.
Post by: polygunz on May 21, 2015, 06:34:33 am
Looking for a professional world machine user for a small island with a nice decent mountain in the far back.
Reference picture will be provided.

Specs :
1 x terrain tile

Required maps :
-Global normal map through normal-map maker node.
-Global color map through colorizer-node
-Heightmap in raw format.
-Curvature map : select convexity node to bitmap.
-Spatmap R.G.B.A

Size : 2048x2048

Please ensure that the required texture maps are compatible with Relief terrain pack shader.
Looking for experienced users only, the tasks is relatively easy to do and shouldn't take longer then 30 minutes max. Like I said the terrain is a island, pretty flat with just some mountains somewhere in the back. I started learning world machine 2 weeks ago, but I fail place the mountain at the correct spot.
Send me a quote + delivery time. Also send me your previous work in world machine so I know your legit.

Please send the graph to me.

Paypal method : paypal.