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Feature Requests / Tiled Build, merge and UDIMs
June 27, 2018, 02:32:13 am
I'd like to request the following which I think would come in handy to many, if not all of us dealing with tiled builds and UDIMs.
When you build with UDIMs, you get one mesh file per tile. In some cases that's fine. In other cases, I'd like to:

- Export a single mesh
- Split the UV islands into the corresponding tile
- Properly store UV in a UDIM kind of fashion in the single mesh.
- Export textures and masks as separate files, just like it is now

This would be very handy when you need to bring the mesh into something like Mari or Substance Painter for texturing.

Currently the mesh is stored into separate object files, while the UV is in the exact same UV tile, so even if you merge the meshes you will also have to move the UV island around to the appropriate UDIM. Frustrating to say the least.  :x
Works in Progress / My random builds
March 04, 2016, 10:55:19 am
I made this terrain while streaming on Twitch tonight.
Fast. Fun. Different than what I usually do.
Might consider doing more terrains when I got some spare time.
Works in Progress / Two Islands
February 20, 2016, 04:35:20 pm
A terrain recently built for a game proto type in-between work and game design classes.
The task was to build a main island and a small island next according to a sketch, with different biomes.

This is by far the most advanced terrain build I've ever done. Some specs..
The terrain had to be scaled up a lot in order to get all the features in there at a reasonable scale, all though in the prototype it will be 5x5km.
The project scale is about 75x75km and delivered as 4K image maps.

Textured entirely in World Machine. Rendered with Marmoset.
You can tumble around the terrain on Artstation.
I just did a tiled build which took about 300 minutes. I had hoped the statistics window would keep open so I could save a build log and compare the stats to a new computer I'm building this coming week.
Unfortunately the statistics window disappear and there's no automatic save of a log file anywhere.  :evil:
I'd REALLY like to know the exact timing of different devices and macros so I could see where the new computer improves over my current computer.
I request a feature to easily select multiple extents at once to delete them.
My workflow in a multi biome landscape is to make one larger extent which is used for building the terrain.
The smaller extents are used to focus on a single biome at a time.

The need to activate an extent before you can delete can be quite slow when you have a lot of devices in the project!

I suggest something like a list where you can check or uncheck extents, then click delete.
The extent is not activated/rendered until you click OK in the Project Settings.
I think we should make a couple of terrains to serve as sort of a testing platform to benchmark how our computers behave to track which CPU/RAM amount is optimal/required/wanted, to make it easier for people to value what they have, or what to look for when building a new rig. Anyone else thinking the same?

I've been thinking for a long time that I should upgrade my computer but for other reasons than World Machine. But after testing some stuff with tiled builds I quickly found that my modest 16GB RAM is way too little.. Therefore I've just ordered these parts

i7 5960x (8-core 3GHz)
HyperX 128 GB RAM 2400MHz
MSI X99A RAIDER motherboard

A friend has got the exact same setup, a funny coincidence. He confirms the computer can utilize the 128GB RAM even though he's on an i7. He's using it for various VFX work with heavy simulations for water and smoke.

Within the end of the year I hope this build will pay itself off with more creative work in all aspects (WM, 3D modeling/animation, VFX).

But to prove this new computer is faster than my old, it would be interesting to have a standard test all of us could do, both in WM2 and WM3dev.
If anyone is up for the task to make a terrain, I'm all ears!
I'm testing tiled builds for the first time, and I have some issues..
It looks like the tiles aren't matching each other. As if they are moved/placed/named the wrong order.

Here's a wireframe from Unreal (it was easiest to show this way)

I tested it in World Machine too. Same issue..

And this is how it's supposed to look..

For what it's worth, here's the tile build settings, as followed in a Unreal/WM tutorial.
Feature Requests / Custom settings for 3D view
May 27, 2014, 02:18:58 am
Like the topic says, I'd like to be able to customize the view of the 3D view.

1) Switch off the GRID in 3D view.
2) Custom background color.

The reason is I can get much cleaner overlay quality when I make recordings if the grid is not activated. See the attached image.

I use two monitors for World Machine, one for the node setup and the other for a full screen preview of the terrain. I can have both monitors set up as picture in picture, where I'd key the background color of the 3D preview window. The grid disturbs how clean the image will be.

In some cases, such as having snow on the terrain, the white would aslo be keyed. If I could set up a custom background color, such as a bright magenta or something else absurd which there's absolutely no chance would appear in the terrain, I could get a clean key without the problem of parts of the terrain go missing in the PiP setup.
Feature Requests / UI overhaul suggestions
November 10, 2013, 10:01:11 pm
I read in the "want WM for Linux" topic you're thinking of an UI overhaul. Given the fact you're looking into it or thinking about it anyway, I wanted to give you my thoughts.

Get rid of the icons in the toolbar.
I've never been happy with software that use icons instead of text to tell what feature is hidden behind a button. I tried different 3D software when I first started out, but I totally fell in love with LightWave 3D. Mostly because of the text buttons instead of icons.

I have no idea how a box with a circle around it, and a plane slicing through it would behave. And hovering the mouse over such an icon for 1-2 seconds would reveal the name of the tool. But doing so every time you need something can take up a lot of time.

Drop the icons, in with the text. Perhaps the menu should be vertical instead over horizontal? Who knows. I really like the LightWave way of doing things, so I'm heavily biased.

Another feature I'd like to see, which is also inspired of LightWave and other 3D software: right click/ctrl+left click to bring up a menu to quickly add the favorite devices to the workflow. You could be able to make your own list of devices and set them up in the order you want, or even group them either inside submenus or with a little space between the different groups in the menu.
I just joined a server as a spectator, and was stunned by the fantastic view. Moving around in a "free camera" mode, I could pick up on details.
I don't know any other terrain generator software, so I'm very biased obviously. But from the looks of it, nice erosion and flow maps are used all over.
Feature Requests / Bypass devices while in 3D View
October 31, 2013, 02:12:19 am
I'd like to be able to bypass devices when I'm in 3D view. While I'm saving up to upgrade to the Pro version, where I'd be using a second monitor or window for the 3D view, this would be very handy.
I'm on WM2.3 standard version, on my home computer which is an i5 2500K with 4 cores. I'm strongly considering upgrading to an i7 with 6 cores and hyper threading, and upgrade to WM Pro in order to utilize all the cores. I would also upgrade to 16GB RAM, leaving four RAM slots open to upgrade to 32GB in the long run.

Just wondering how much of an effect I can expect in terms of work with World Machine.
The first terrain I made took just under 9 hours to build in 8K on 2 cores, as the standard edition is locked to.
Just thinking if I could shave a few hours off of that, it would be worth it for me.
Works in Progress / My first terrain
October 12, 2013, 12:43:32 am
This is my first terrain I've designed from scratch and brought over to LightWave 3D. It was built in 4096x4096. Exported height map, color map, flow map, wear map and deposition. And somehow mixed most of them into the surface in LightWave.

Quite happy with the result overall. Will try to make a snow version of the same terrain later.
I'm not happy about the flat part on the top of the mountain though. I'd like to have a peak, but whatever I did, it just wouldn't make one. I'm looking into it.

I'm looking for a solution to use splat maps in LightWave. If anyone have a good idea, let me know!
I'm having some trouble here. I've got a DEM from my home area and would love to use it to create an overview in 3D for some sport events in the area.
I've tried both 3Dem and MicroDEM to export as 2K and 4K.

I originally thought the problem could be that 3Dem and MicroDEM exported 8-bit images. Then I got a friend with Global Mapper to export a TIFF file, which I would've thought would be at least 16-bit, and he exported in a massive resolution of 8K.

But I get the same result. This is straight from the File Input device with Extended Overlay applied. See the images attached.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there anything wrong with the DEM and heightmap it exports?
I can provide the DEM and heightmaps if anyone wanna try.