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September 19, 2019, 01:46:13 am


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Topics - Vision4Next

Hi all,

I made my first attempt to get a terrain from world machine to Cinema 4D and render it with Vray. I really like the result.
The terrain is a slightly modified one from Iri Shinsoj. I used a heightmap, a colormap and a normal map.

The 4097x4097 heightmap was used for displacement and a simple diffuse (colormap) and normal channel was added. You have to flip the X-Axis for the normal map to get a correct one for Vray.

Overall I did add a bit specularity were the snow is.

The scene was lit with an HDRI. Seems I have a workflow now that i can refine further.

Feature Requests / Terraces
August 31, 2015, 11:14:07 pm
I really like the terraces, but sometimes they are a bit too regular. I'd like to be able to give them a horizontal tilt and/or vary the strength of the terrace over the terrain to break them up a bit and make them more irregular.

Just a suggestion.
I didn't find any information so far, but I wonder, how the control inputs of the layout device work.

I know I need a number, so I drive the input with a parameter device.

- I have no idea what Strength Method is for.
- Quality takes numbers from 0 to 3 and refers to Precision vs Speed settings
- Breakup Enable is a toggle. 0 is off, 1 is on.
- I didn't find the reference to Shape Breakup. Every time I set a value there, the fractal breakup changes to zero.
- The same happens with Shape Frequency. Everytime I set a value, the breakup scale changes to zero as well.
- Shape Roughness corresponds with the roughness value (1 to 6)
- I have no idea what Background Value is for.

Is there a documentation about that somewhere? Can someone enlighten me?  :lol:
General Discussion / World Machine and Cinema 4D
August 14, 2015, 08:21:50 am
Hi all,

anyone using World Machine with Cinema 4D?

I plan to use it together with a C4D plugin called surfacespread, which can use a hight map for the terrain and distribution maps for objects. These can also be used for materials and shaders by producing mask and colourmaps.

I plan to do a short 'making of', when I get some decent results.