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Bug Reports and Help / Re: Clamps and Tiled Export
August 14, 2015, 04:05:50 am
Awesome, I assumed that was what was happening.

Turns out I was being a tad stupid. I had one of the clamps set to normalize still.

Just curious. Is there an easier way to deselect certain tiles? MY landscape has a lot of seabed within the square that just doesnt need to generate and the temp files are taking up a lot of HDD space.

Thanks for the help!
Bug Reports and Help / Clamps and Tiled Export
August 13, 2015, 02:39:10 am
Greetings all. Got a bit of a problem.

I'm wanting to export a tiled terrain, and everything is working fine. Looks brilliant in WM.

However, I am needing to clamp my terrain to get everything back to the correct height after blurring, perlin and erosion. (Based on the Improving Real World Terrain example)

I've discovered that the problem I have is the Clamps I'm using. So I searched around, and people stated that it was the "Normalize Input" option that was causing issues with tiled terrains. However, I've yet to find solid info on how to go about getting this to work.

What I thought I needed was to create two clamps at the end of everything. One which just has "Normalize Input" ticked, and the entire elevation range selected. Then clamp is again with "Normalize Input" unticked, and then the range I wanted selected and set to clamp.

But this doesn't solve my issue either.

Does anyone have a clue how best to go about solving this?

Thanks a lot in advance! Much appreciated!
General Discussion / Y coord Output Order
June 30, 2015, 11:06:34 pm
Hi all. Having some problems trying to figure this out.

Tiled outputs for files are currently created in this way


Is it possible at all within world machine to reverse the order of the Y axis coords? Without using the Flip Y axis orientation.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks all!
Geology and Terrain / Re: Trace over a 2D image?
May 13, 2015, 04:21:11 am
This is very straight forward really.

First of all. Use a "File Input" to add your reference image, set its width and height. Then with it selected, press F to toggle preview lock.
Then add a Layout generator, double click on it, select "polygon" from the left side panel, and start drawing out your island shape.

Then you could use a series of Layout Generators and choosers to add in different types of terrain. Like lowlands and mountains.
Have a look at the example file "Islands with mountains and lowlands" to see how that's done.

Hope this helps!
Thank you both very much. Both suggestions helped a lot. I went with the latter option with a lot of my own tweaks and values and it ended up looking practically the same but with more detail and no stepping.

Thanks a lot!
Hi all. Been toying around with WM for a while now. Love the program. Plan to purchase a pro license when I can afford it.

One thing I'm struggling with however, is finding out how to remove stepping when using a low quality source image.

Basically. I have some old heightmaps that I have laying around that I want to bring up to standards with WM.

The source image is a 1024x1024 8bit tiff.

Any ideas how I can improve its quality without drastically changing the appearance?

Thanks in advance all. Very much appreciated!