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An illustrated preview of WM 1.0... (gfx heavy)

Started by Stephen, April 06, 2005, 07:04:35 pm

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It's been roughly a month since WM1 hit beta. In that time, 57 bugs have been solved, and double handful of new features added. We're still a decent ways out from the public release. Almost every feature is in place, but there is still a lot of testing and fixing to be done.

There are too many things new or changed for WM1.0; creating a complete list would take too long. Instead, here's an illustrated guide through the most eye-opening changes.

This is the new look of World Machine. The crusty old 8bit icons are gone, and everything has been refined more.

Here's a closer look at one of the new devices, Voroni Noise. Things to notice: Presets for each device that contain your favorite settings; tooltips for the parameters; the voroni noise itself ;)

A closer look at the new macro parameters available. Macros are as priveledged as a device -- they can create listboxes, have tooltip help, etc. The macro library is now also hierarchical so that you can organize your macros.

How about non-square terrain? It's supported at almost any aspect you want. Maximum terrain size has also increased to 8192x8192. I hope you have a couple gigs of RAM if you want to work at that size!

Here's a look at one of the significant advances made: the erosion device is vastly improved, and is both far more powerful, and more flexible -- you can create some very distincive erosion types.

The first image is a before-and-after with the "Geological-time enhancement" set to full blast. It's now possible to literally wear mountains away to nothing.

Last up on the tour is a view from Explorer mode. Explorer mode lets you walk/fly/drive/etc around your virtual world and find a piece of terrain that you want create. It's also a great deal of fun on its own. ;) It is very scalable with your machine's power -- a high end machine can have the quality of that screenshot or above, a low end machine can find a detail setting that will be workable -- I've even tested on an ancient Voodoo3 system, and gotten almost-usable framerates. Most machines will be able to find a setting that gets them 20-30fps (what's required for fluid navigation)

So that's it for now. Still no promises on the release date, but I WILL say I would be very surprised if it was not available within the next two months. Hopefully I've given you all something to look forward to!
-- Stephen Schmitt
- Creator of World Machine


well, what kind of a timeline are we looking at, since ive been so far out of the loop hanging out at the yahoo group...lol


also, what size will the unregistered version be maxed at?...

im probably gonna register, but i wanna just check on things


timeline is, like I said, sometime in the next 2 months.

Unregistered version is still capped at 512x512, like before. There will also be a small number of devices that are registered-only.
-- Stephen Schmitt
- Creator of World Machine


Too Cool... so glad i registered... two months will fly by quick... thanks for those neat previews... like the Geological-time enhancement feature... that will be fun......... i noticed a strata texture now on the small preview window... that looks nice...........


Quote from: Remnanttimeline is, like I said, sometime in the next 2 months.

Unregistered version is still capped at 512x512, like before. There will also be a small number of devices that are registered-only.

wow, cool!


that last message was from me.... i thought i was logged in... weird

anyway, yeh, this looks cool, cant wait....

oh... and out of curiosity, how well might this work with TG2?


It will work fine with TG2 since TG2 still supports heightfields.

- Oshyan


yeh, but im referring to the stuff matt showed us with that displacement map stuff


Wow. That "Gealogical time enhancement" looks very cool. With the right color settings I think it would be possible to work without Terragen.


can the new WM save a default world size other than 257 between uses?

in other words when i start up, will i have to change it manually?


you can already do this in v0.99 ! Just edit the "startup.tmd" file...


What exactly about displacement did you want to know? TG2 can displace heightfields, so you could import a base WM heightfield then add detail with displacements. Of course the displacements wouldn't be based on the original terrain because TG2 has no knowledge of WM's generators, but you could probably adjust the displacement features to look very good anyway.

- Oshyan


i cant remember the exact image, but it was one of the first ones matt showed up, i havent really figured out exactly what is used to make the displacement maps


what was used to make the displacement map.... inquiring minds want to know... i dont rcall matt letting us in on alot of the information.. ya know?


Quote from: X-PaXWow. That "Gealogical time enhancement" looks very cool. With the right color settings I think it would be possible to work without Terragen.

Not that I've seriously thought about it, but once or twice I've been struck by how, if there was any kind of texture&bumpmapping at all (right now it is vertex coloring only, no texturing at all), it would look pretty damn neat.

I've always had a very strong interest in realtime 3D graphics, so I have to constantly fight the urges along those directions to keep WM focused. But the thought does tantalize...
-- Stephen Schmitt
- Creator of World Machine


There are 2 things going on in that canyon image. The overhangs in the canyon itself, on the walls, are procedurally generated displacement, created with a built-in generator/displacement function of TGD. Then on the top of the canyon, on the right of that image, there are some small rocks done with a rock distribution tool.

- Oshyan


ok, see i didnt know that tgd/tg2 genertated the displacement...lol, carry on..


TG2 can generate the displacement and can also use imported images for dislacement, masking, etc. It's quite versatile.

- Oshyan


heh, cool.... i guess then my only concern with the new WM is that 3d bug i get....

when i use the 3d preview, instead of the colors being distributed based on height and stuff (like a color shaded height map) i get bands of color... i know i talked to you about it oshyan, i just dont really recall why it did that..heh

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