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A few looks at new v1.0 features...

Started by Stephen, January 14, 2005, 01:40:39 am

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Something tells me the first time I try to run WM1 I'm going to see smoke role out of my comp.  :lol:


I think we're actually talking about the same thing, Sethren. The act of going to a larger scale encourages (and requires) layering more noises together.

Maybe a picture would help. Here's a few screen shots from Explorer mode. The world files that produces those terrains are example files in the 1.0 distro.

Upper left, you can see a "Typical" noise based terrain. One perlin generator, all features are more or less one scale, etc.

On the upper right, you can see a terrain that has about 3 noises + sculpting done. There is one perlin that creates the islands/continents, another that creates rolling hills, and the last puts mountain-type terrain in place on the high areas.

Lower left shows the same terrain plus erosion. You can see the grid pattern that results from using erosion in Explorer mode. There are a few things that I might be able to do before 1.0 release that will minimize this, but it is a fundamental problem with heightfield-based effects.

Lower right shows a different (and I think pretty cool) terrain. The river is made using the ol' river technique from the first WM tutorial, but it seems to work alot nicer when you can crank the scale to very high levels.

PS: For what it's worth about the "smoke out of the computer", the framerate was fluid in all those example screenshots. Although granted, on a nice machine...
-- Stephen Schmitt
- Creator of World Machine


You're right we were talking about the same thing... my bad... a late night without a coffie  :) ... looks very nice... looking foward to it dude.....


thanks for the visuals...


That explorer mode really looks interesting.. I am eager to try it to see if it makes me more confident with my modelling techniques.. I have a feeling my still is not the best to make a desired terrain, but that may be because I am not seeing the "right tile"..
I want to discover if the explorer mode makes things look better than they are, or if I really have a bad still in terrain modelling :)

That river is draining all the water in my mouth.. Very impressive.. It makes me want to use my browser to edit the river path sligtly :P It forces me to think of how would that river look when it found that other coast line..  I am also interested in finding out if the river macro would produce one a single river, or if it would make a random spray or rivers.. I can probably look into it by sneaking inside the river tutorial to check it's behaviour..
Oh well, nice images.. how many tiles are visible there? 3x3 (with us standing on the middle one)?


it makes multiple rivers, just like it always has -- the nicer thing is that you can now explore and find the river scenario you want rather than just clicking random a bunch of times.

In each of those pictures we're seeing roughly 8x6 worth of tiles.
-- Stephen Schmitt
- Creator of World Machine



Can you give me some idea as to when v1.0 will be available?

Ideally I want to use 4096 size tiles and I've read some posts about crashes when building 4096 tiles with ver0.99, that v1.0 will fix.



Hi Trebor,

that's the million dollar question. :) V0.99 was released in 3/03, which means it's been almost two years of development now for V1.0, although admittedly the vast majority of that time has not been spent in active development -- the rest of life has kept me from working much on WM. Things have been really picking up in the last while, though.

I'm not going to venture a timeline for it. "When it's done" is the most frustrating answer to hear, but its all I can give right now for fear of promising too much. It will be feature-complete and to bugtesting to the testers group within the next couple months, though.
-- Stephen Schmitt
- Creator of World Machine


Hmmm... I'm really late on this one. It's great to hear about the upcoming new "stuff". I have enough of a handle on WM to be looking forward to v1.0. I was unaware of this community until I followed a link to this subject posted by manleystanley on Terranuts. Good stuff here!


Well I'm sure you have enough help, but I'm well know for tripping over program bugs. I do it all the time :lol:

V1 looks great, but I have a bad feeling it wont run to well on this Yugo of a Gateway of mine. It will be fall before I can up grade, maybe I'll get my new comp built before WM v1 is done :wink:
"What forest? All I see are fricken trees"


Wow! The previews look awesome! I really like #4 :D


Speaking of spherical ..

I'd like to see a way to 'wrap' a piece of terrain around a sphere (preferably oblate) to simulate the horizon curve.  I'm not sure this is exactly what you were showing.  

Basically, the (rectangular) part of the height field would have params for degrees lat / long and equatorial radius.  Even better would be oblate spherids (x/y/z radius) so things like the lumpy moons of Mars could be done.  (clearly there are limitations with height fields and odd shaped spheres, but for small amounts of arc it could work).

I'm trying to take MOLA (Mars Altitude data) and make some terrain by adding detail to various files with WM, and I'd like to be able to make the horizon look curved.  I can sort of do that with POVRay with iso surfaces, but it would be so much faster to be able to do this with a height field.


     == John ==


Quotea way to 'wrap' a piece of terrain around a sphere

There are three answers for that question.
1) no, it can't be done. because rotating a terrain in that manner would cause the heightmap representation to be inadequate, having two heights per pixel (in the case of mountains near the equator of the sphere)
2) yes, it can be approximated in WM. By simply adding a terrain to that sphere, we move "pixels" up in the chape of the sphere.
3) that is not WM's problem: I can do it in the application that renders the terrain (if it allows that sort of transformation) That's because it would now be a planet, not a heightmap, and WM is not good at planets :)

PS - Just as a small remark, what I mentioned in 2) is what I did in the Leaned Strata macro, which is described in the Tip Of The Month #4 (in the "help" section of //www.world-machine.com).


I'm not talking about an entire world, just a section.

You don't need to 'rotate' the pixels as much as just displace them slightly from the center outwards.   This wouldn't require wrapping, just a spherical section displacement upwards.

it would always be possible, for small arcs, to generate a height field for this - if you are thinking of 'wrapping' you are stretching the height field, and that's not part of the assumptions behind height fields.

After having said that, it different new feature would be nice if there was a way to generate wrappable edges so that a height field could be wrapped around a sphere with an external program; this would be great for asteroids.  But that wasn't really what I was looking for.

     == John ==

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