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Several suggestions...
« on: October 13, 2011, 10:38:04 AM »
Ok, been using WM for about a month now.
True, I may be a long way from earning some hallowed forum status of "expert", "pro" or "guru". But I know a thing or two about interfaces...

So here is my humble list of things I would LOVE to see in some future version, which I think would be a GREAT efficiency booster:
  • Nodes can have individual names - just like the grouping nodes can have unique names visible in the Device view window
  • Nodes can have an individual "notes tab" inside their Device Settings dialog boxes. The tab can be collapsible to save space, but would always show opened if there's information inside.
  • Linking nodes is more straightforward - currently, clicking on a node's input or output connection port almost always fails in producing a wire on the first click (VERY ANNOYING)
  • Wires can flow into grouping node boxes from the top and bottom as well instead of just from the sides
  • Users are allowed to create keyboard shortcuts for "Build to current device" (or one is provided)
  • Users can choose whether they want to see a Build Log after building is complete, or if they just want the window to go away after a build is done processing
  • The 3D View allows for a camera navigation experience that is more like any 3D modeling package. Current camera manipulation options are cumbersome, inefficient and non-intuitive. (and downright frustrating)
  • Entering a numerical value in the Water Level field and pressing ENTER would actually change the water level
This is what I can think of listing at this point.
These are ALL based on using the latest beta. And these have been the major sources of annoyance and inefficiency for me in the past weeks.

As for a proper Feature Request, it would be tremendously helpful to be able to bring geometry into the 3D View for reference purposes. A simple OBJ file import node that would allow a piece of geo to show embedded into the terrain (or on top of it, depending on height and position offsets)

Thank you for reading! I'd love to know how realistic these requests are in the whole WM scheme of things...

Best regards,
Gus Yamin
Senior Digital Artist
Image Engine Design Inc.