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October 18, 2019, 06:22:25 am


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Problem gettina a reply from Kagi who sell world machine!!

Started by cadmar, May 30, 2005, 08:37:05 pm

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HEllo everyone.
I had purchased the registered version of world machine.
An email was sent to me with a key and a url to go to.
I clicked on the url, nothing happened. I tried again and again nothing so I just began clicking and clicking on it. It finally came up telling me that I had exceeded my downloads.
I had sesnt emails to support, to kagi, and even to the maker of world machine.
No one has returned my emails , but, were quick in taking my 25.00 from visa.
I am really pissed with this company and do not see of any other thing I can do except to contact my visa company.
Does anyone have a suggestion?




I have not had experience with Kagi myself, but I am surprised Stephen (World Machine developer) has not answered your e-mail! I will try to pass your message along ASAP. I'm sure he could sort something out. I presume (and hope) you still have your original purchase e-mail, as that will be necessary to verify the purchase.

- Oshyan


Thank you JavaJones,
I do have the original email.

My email address is    red1@rogers.com

thank you again!!

Rick (Cadmar)


Oshyan, thank you very much for your help.
I do still have the original email.

I guess I feel angry right now because I am being ignored. I do not like giving out my money for a product I do not even have yet, and I hate being ignored even more. IT makes me feel like "hey, we will get around to you at our convinience.
If Stephen is as you say he is, then Kagi is doing him a big disservice. When we deal with a representitive of someone, it is as if we are dealing with that person. I actually thought Stephen & Kagi were one in the same. Just a company name he gave himself.

Ignore the guest message as I was not logged in.

Again my email address is red1@rogers.com


At the begining of last week, Stephen had some problems with emails and ISP I think.. So this lack of response might still be related to that as well.
I think it's best for you to wait for Oshyan's feedback.


I was away for a few days so I have not gotten ahold of him yet. But I will do my best over the next few days. I am sorry this has already gone on this long. Hopefully not much more!

- Oshyan