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better sliders
« on: June 27, 2013, 12:51:55 PM »
It would be nice to see better sliders within world machine. Currently the sliders are very small and it seems that they are incremental. the smallest change within a slider usually makes a big difference to the landscape. Its hard to get subtle results without getting into the number inputs.

Id love to see sliders that allow us to have more control over our work. bigger sliders overall, and whatever you could add for extra control would be awesome.

look at houdini in how they dealt with most of their sliders. You have a menu appear as you middle click on a property, and different increments you can choose from, effectively giving you 5 sliders so to speak. when you hover over an increment, you select to work at that level, then you move your mouse horizontally to change the value.

other apps like modo have scrollers instead of sliders, and if I press ctrl plus lmb on the scroller i get fine control. If i press shift and lmb over a scroller I get very fast and broad control.

This would make world machine a lot nicer to use overall.


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Re: better sliders
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2013, 12:57:26 PM »
Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestion! I like the coarse/fine control modification idea.

A GUI overhaul is currently under R&D -- I can't say with any certainty what kind of schedule there is on this (very major) change, but certainly I'll be taking a look at what can be done to make things faster/easier to work with when that occurs.

-- Stephen Schmitt
- Creator of World Machine