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I haven't seen any examples of islands included with WM. Are they possible? Any examples of how to create islands with WM? Where i can find more example projects with WM?

Hi there,

Go to File -> Open Examples and browse -- you will find many example files, including many with islands. For example, check out:

RGB Examples\Tropical Islands.tmd  (Procedural islands)
Examples for WM 2.3\Scenes\Island with Mountains and Lowlands (Layout-driven island)
Examples for WM 2.3\Techniques\Combining Terrain Types 1 (more layout islands)

Is there a way of forcing islands to be generated on the "center" of the terrain? Make them all surrounded by water?

Mask your terrains with a layout input, and in the layout node create a circle with breakup enabled (for variation), and adjust your falloff as needed.  You should get a nice terrain with the edges blending out to water, and a landmass in the center.

Alternatively, start off with an advanced perlin node, change the noise to billows, and adjust your terrain height down until only the tips of the billows are above 0.  That should give you several randomly placed 'islands' to start off with.

to alter a terrain after the fact and move it to the center, create a constant node with the height at max, and insert it into a transform node (filters tab) as the strength, and move the terrain with the sliders in the transform node so that your terrain is in the middle.

Finally, have a go with the coastal erosion node, it has some nice results.


I am experiencing kind of trouble with texture-images.

When creating an island with a 100x100km extent, applied photo-textures look good-ok from like 50km away - but when zoom in, things getting ugly very quick.
When creating an island with a 10x10km extent, photo-textures are still good when zoomed closer - but the island itself... seems it can not be shaped very much.
Basically, itīs just "one big rock", instead of a rocky-island, you know?!

Letīs take the "islnad" example, that ships with WM - you can get a nice shaped, interesting island.
But when try to texture it, results are not satisfying. everything getīs just too blurry...
When changeing the extent to 10 times smaller (from 100km to 10km) with keeping a 2K res, the textures looking good - but the island is just one big "blob"

Any ideas, how to overcome this?
Or is it just a "You can have one or the other - but not both" thing?

See, Iīd like to have an interesting shaped Island (letīs say like a dragonīs head) AND have cripsy textures on it at the same time...

So maybe one have to take a side-route here? Like use a splatmap to assign some textures within another app and then put together
a nicediffuse-bitmap in there?!

Kind Regards


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