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My parameter technique
« on: May 31, 2014, 12:39:51 PM »
This covers the technique im introducing to the snow macro im building
Causion: its kinda tedious and you can get confused very easily

Lets pretend you have a macro that serves well over 35 parameters
and you would like people to also reach those parameters (scrollbar isnt there)
How is one going to do that? :shock:
Well its simple really all you need is:

The will to make moduled macros
Enough parameter input ofcourse
To keep your head at it untill your finished

So what i did was:
I counted al my parameters,wrote them down in a textfile with the type behind it
For instance; "Use snowdevice        Checkbox"
I got like 62 parameters or so

Then i made (62-35=27) 27 extra inputs inside the macro input properties
Numbered them 1 to 27
Then made a new macro and made 27 new parameters in it and 27 outputs
Then set those to ANY..guess will let you pass through parameter wiring :D
So connect each parameter to the numbered outputs you want
Go outside the macro and connect the numbers together
Go inside your Main macro and connect the numbers to the devices or switches you want them to control
And made more parameters possible

Caution though you can only make a list of inputs of 35
So iff you have 5 maps already going inside your MAIN macro
You can only add 30 more parameters due to the list having no scrollbar aswell

I hope this will help some of you :lol:  any questions just ask them!!

Have fun!
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