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Node resolution clamping
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:22:07 PM »
Hey, the per node resolution override is G R E A T, it definately allows some very high renders while keeping some of the base relatively resolution independant and expensive nodes running quick

But it would be really nice if you could add another per node optional setting to clamp between "min" and "max" resolution (absolute résolutions, not relative)

So that i could say , this device runs at 1/4 resolution, but that value must be clamped between 1K and 16K (some devices don't need to be high res to give a good resolution, espcially if they're just giving a base shape, some others actually look BAD at high res because they give too detailed result).

I would also love a resample node that does nothing and "only" has the resize parameters (relative + override) so i could say run erosion at 64K and actually use that as a mesh, but scale down the maps before feeding it to the texture maker to avoid too grainy textures.

Overall the per node size overrides are a game changer, but those 2 additional things would really make things perfect and i'm pretty sure they're trivial to add with the work already done!