Author Topic: World Machine and zBrush Problems  (Read 2024 times)

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World Machine and zBrush Problems
« on: September 25, 2014, 05:38:24 PM »
Hi I am currently using zbrush to create the basic shapes for the terrain, and then I am going into world machine with that height map. However I am not exactly experienced in zBrush as I am in 3DS Max, which brings me to my next point. I am looking for someone who can help answer a few questions for zBrush that I would use in junction with WM. I currently bake the height map in xNormal but I would prefer to bake it in zBrush, however every Youtube video I go on the UVs are already in place, and there are other things that fly right by me on this part. The second part is I wanted to import my height map into zBrush that I made in World Machine, and I searched around on the polycount forums and found a very basic instruction set that I followed seemingly, to no effect. If someone would be kind enough to perhaps add me on Skype and help me with some of my zBrush problems so that I don't clutter up the forums with useless messages, I'd be more than happy to pay them for their kindness. :)

Have a nice day, Sammy