Author Topic: So i bought machine world pro today. Some suggestions and help.  (Read 1285 times)

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I have some questions and requests:

- Building my world, expanders are by far the slowest processing of them all, mainly because they do not use multiple threads. (im already using fastest method) Requesting multithreaded like Erosion etc.

Im mainly using expander (min and max) to position stuff with masks etc. like when i have a river, and want to place dykes around it, i want the dykes to be positioned a few pixels away from the actual river. Hence why the expander is very useful. Or are there more efficient ways of doing this?

- Can I please remove the message that i do not have enough memory, i have 16gb and paging to my ssd is no problem, yet the message is quite annoying every time i try to build my project. and i have no idea how to turn it off.

- Perhaps something for the future, but can the GPU not help and aid the building process somehow? CUDA perhaps? This would significantly speed up the process i think, unless gpu isnt suitable for this?

One problem im having:
When i try to load up a heightmap in bmp or png format, with file input, the elevations are slightly off. I tried fiddling around with the elevation settings but no luck. However, when I use interpret as RGB everything is exactly as it should be. Now the problem is that it screws over everything because i was used to using the height output device. Any elaboration on this?
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