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mount elbrus - game terrain
« on: January 29, 2015, 10:38:03 AM »
Wanted to share my work using world machine to help mainly with providing contour, erosion and colormaps on an existing terrain - mount Elbrus on the Russia/Georgia border.  Thanks for all the included install examples and discussion threads where folks are using real-world reference images to try and achieve similar world machine effects.

I've been pulling data from the worldwide 90m resolution dataset and processing with microdem and gimp to png for import to world machine.  Using unity and ats ultra shader in-game.  Using two splatmaps currently with first splatmap texture for snow,grass,forest and second splatmap for erosion-flow stone and cliff slopes.

Links to the game to move/grapple over the terrain below.  I'm working on adding a more relaxed simple flight-mode for timed course runs as well to further enjoy exploring the terrain.  Looking at real-world mountain links like below for ideas on the next terrain I'd like to try next.  Will probably try Yosemite.


Download the below two links to the same folder and then open/click rf.html to launch the local unity file without having to repeatedly download the 30 MB unity3d file from the remote server. This link dynamically resizes the play window to your browser window extents.