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Anyone interested in a tool like this ?

Started by Terrain Builder, April 21, 2016, 08:28:36 am

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Terrain Builder

Hi all,

I'm currently building a tool that will allow you to build terrains in your browser.
The tool will allow you to let long builds happen in the background without having to wait, store them online and share them with other users. I think it really hits a chord with people who use world machine so thought you would be interested. I'm really looking to create a community with this product and would be very grateful of your input during the creation process.

If you are interested I have a holding page at the moment where you can sign up your email if you are interested.

The URL is: http://www.terrain-builder.com

I won't spam I'll only use you email to send you an email once the project is in open beta.

- Terrain Builder


Sounds very interesting. In my opinion, an offline tool is better for production work, compared to cloud based solution. But I would indeed like to have some alternative to world machine right now. Could we have a few screens? Would be nice to have a look before signing up.






Quote from: WFab on April 22, 2016, 11:39:11 am
Sounds very interesting. In my opinion, an offline tool is better for production work, compared to cloud based solution. But I would indeed like to have some alternative to world machine right now. Could we have a few screens? Would be nice to have a look before signing up.


this! +1


April 25, 2016, 07:29:22 am #6 Last Edit: April 25, 2016, 07:32:24 am by Fat_Bob
This is like posting an iPhone advert on the Windows Phone support forum  :D

The fact that it is still here after a week is, however, a testament to the frequency with which the WM Author visits the forums.....  :(


Terrain Builder

April 27, 2016, 02:27:55 am #8 Last Edit: April 27, 2016, 03:22:21 am by Terrain Builder

Sorry I didn't update this thread I've been very busy lately getting everything setup here.

Thanks for the interest.

It's interesting you say that as really the reason I am creating this tool it because this tool seems to be dead / abandonware. I would argue it's not really an advert because I have nothing to sell you. I'm not asking for any money all I'm asking you is for an email address so I can update you when I have something to show. I'm interested in if you are looking for a tool that does a similar task to world machine but that isn't dead / abandoned.

In terms of screens I'm currently producing the product as we speak so I have little to show that is interesting. I'd also point out that the website is only asking for an email address where I can contact you once I have something to show. I'm not going to use your email address to spam you with updates everyday. As a matter of fact I've currently not sent a single email to anyone as I'm looking to see whether or not people are interested in a tool like this. So far I have had a few objections which I will be looking into.

On the forum side of things, the forum will be integrated into the tool so when you signup to start using the tool you will be automatically registered into a forum.

I have more details on my medium post here:


I will post some screenshots very soon(tm)  :lol:.

Again thanks a lot for the interest !

- Terrain Builder


This all reads to me that not a single line of code has been written yet?
I suppose this is rather an exploration of the potential market then?

Just makes me curious if you're a 'lone wolf' in this one or actually represent a company who's interested in developing a tool.
So far it feels like the first option?



I followed the links and see no product, nor would I enter my email. This feels to me like a scam. If it's legit, you should not be advertising here, those guys are right.


My thoughts exactly. If we don't even know the person behind a banner, why do you think anyone in their right mind would submit their email? At least use your own name, your developer credentials to market this tool. Doesn't seem the least bit legit right now.

Terrain Builder

Ok so you guys don't like the idea of me posting this here I get that now.

I wrote a lengthy response to this but I've deleted it as I don't think it constructive.

How do I delete this thread ?

- Terrain Builder


Now you're acting funny.

People are interested in what you (may) have to offer, but they're just wondering if it's appropriate to do so.
Basically you're advertising within the store of a competitor, which is a bit odd. That's all.

Why don't you just open up???

Terrain Builder

Sorry this isn't constructive.

I've already explained I wasn't advertising anything but I realise that what it seems like here. So I think it's best to end this thread what's "funny" about that ?


May 04, 2016, 02:32:59 am #15 Last Edit: May 04, 2016, 02:45:28 am by Tangled-Universe
You're sidestepping my point.
I said it's not a big deal and just a remark.
Nobody said you should leave or whatsoever.

It's obvious people are interested.
Everywhere you post about your project people respond positive to the idea.

Instead of focusing on the questions asked about your project you choose to focus on something else, how's that constructive?
You're confusing (me).

So, what are your plans exactly?
Is this just an idea you have or is it something currently under development?
This runs down to the basic question: are we interested in something which needs to be build from the ground up/scratch or can it be expected before 2018?
I don't mean to be cynical, but all software developers so far in this niche of 3D all share the same habits: bad communication, bad planning, not living up to promises etc. etc.

Don't confuse (my) skepticism with not being constructive, please.
This niche of 3D has been through a lot of disappointments with their software developers (WM, Vue, TG) and thus are skeptical and not buying into something quickly.
Many have WHOIS-ed your website and tried to figure out who you are, just to get a sense of whether their hopes should be high or low.
I think the secretive way you're trying to do this (minimal website + vague long-read on plans) is meant to create some kind of buzz or 'viral' thing, but because of the "habits" explained above I think it's rather working strongly against you.
Yes, people definitely talk about your website and posts, but unfortunately not about your actual plans but rather about how vague this all is together.

I'm definitely interested and so are many others!
Heck, I might even pre-order this 'thing' of you if I would just have a better idea about all of this?


I am just wondering - why does no one here seems to have not heard of World Creator? I actually gave up on World Machine and I am waiting for World Creator 2 - they already have it running as a plugin in Unity and the stand-alone version is about to come. Tiled terrains and GPU support are about to be implemented and the latter is already partly running. I really regret the money I spend on World Machine, it was entirely wasted. I wish I had known that this was a dead project :/


May 05, 2016, 02:58:02 am #17 Last Edit: May 05, 2016, 04:57:08 am by Fat_Bob
Yes I remember World Creator,
It used to be known as Geocontrol and it also lay fallow for many years - I seem to remember that the chap who wrote it was seriously ill.

I tried a demo of the original and, although it had presets so that it was possible to get up and running quite fast, it seemed a lot less flexible that World Machine which starts with nothing and builds from scratch.
The Geocontrol ethos seemed to be "here's one we prepared for you - go and fiddle with the settings."
This and the fact that it had been stagnating for some time was the reason I went with World Machine.

When it re-emerged as World Creator, I had another look at it but it seemed to be the same product with a new title screen and at twice the original price...

I know that WM's nodes are a bit terrifying at first sight but, I wouldn't give their flexibility up now for a gold pig. In this case, unless there has been a serious re-think on the way terrains are created in World Creator and, as long as WM development hasn't been abandoned (he might just be on holiday, after all!) I'm sticking with WM.


True, World Creator 1 does seem rather unflexible compared to World Machine, but I was talking about World Creator 2. This version does provide much more freedom than the previous one, since you actually paint your terrain heightmap and then apply filters through masks. But the best is actually the fact, that the team of World Creator responds to feature requests. So if you feel limited in your freedom, you seem to have quite the good chance to change that when you know what you want to be able to do. You just have to ask for it.


May 05, 2016, 04:10:40 am #19 Last Edit: June 29, 2016, 05:38:30 am by WFab
The way world creator is going currently, they plan to make an environment builder, like vue and terragen, but redefined from the ground up. They are making it as an engine (not unlike houdini engine and vue xstream). World machine is built to be a terrain modeller, inside and out. And there is really no alternative right now to the flexibility wm offers, there never was. Now about the author's absence, it seems to be a common issue with niche market tools. He seems to be on a holiday, and I think he may be bored with doing the same thing for years (common creative block on long term projects).

I don't think there will be a miracle tool right now, that will replace world machine, no matter how skilled the developer is. A close alternative for the time being is all we can hope for.

I personally designed a UI for a terrain modelling suit 4 years back, but never went further. I do plan on taking it further some day, but today the market is bleak. Maybe that's what others are thinking as well.

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