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Hi! As I posted in another thread before, this thread is about a texturing macro. TeTo is a set of 3 macros, one is for texturing (diffuse color), one is for making splatmaps, and one is for making weightmaps. The creator is Iri Shinsoj, and it's going to be available on her gumroad in a bit. I'll post the link as soon as it's uploaded. I'm just starting this thread to see if there's interest, and for discussions on it.

It's out! Check it out here:

A few more screens!

The macro has been updated to cover 20 color palettes now. You can download it from the same link. Buyers of the original get free upgrade.

This looks very nice. Does it need the Pro edition or is the Standard edition sufficient.

As far as I know, it works on pro and basic. So it should work on standard too. Please note that you need wm version 2.3.7 for it to work.


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