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Tiling problems
« on: November 21, 2016, 09:28:35 PM »
Hey there!

I recently started messing around with WM and I've been doing fine in general, but, of course, there are some things that I'm struggling with.

The most recent, and the reason I'm here, is the follow:

I'm trying to make a dune desert. I started with a "dune generator macro" made by nikita (this one: although I had to mod it a little bit to get it to work, I liked the results. The thing is: the macro seems to be locked at 8/8km. As you can see on the attached picture of my layout view, the only height information that is getting past the extents is from the voronoid that I have combined with the macro, as shown in the attached picture of my device view.

So, any ideas why is that?  :?

Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements in my terrain, I would appreciate it!  :D