Author Topic: How to match imported vector layouts with map/concept art at 1:1 scale in WM  (Read 903 times)

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I am recreating various islands off a fantasy map and want to match the terrain to the artwork 1:1.  I tried tracing said artwork in WorldMachine via the file import node but either due to my low powered machine or the app itself WorldMachine's native vector tools seem cumbersome to me so I am making all the layout shapes in Adobe Illustrator.  I tried importing the illustrator layouts into the layout node but I have run into some problems:

1)  the SVG layout comes in super tiny regardless of the scale I export it at. 

2) scaling in app is wonky.  even if the imported SVG is a perfect square I can't increase by 1/4ths like 25%-75% or have a way to snap the scale to the tiles.  in fact, I get the best results by scaling the SVG at 70.6 meters.

3) regardless of how I snap the origin in Illustrator the SVG always imports at (-1.00,0.00) a tile below the origin. importing the SVG with the y-axis flipped seems to set the layout properly on the origin.

am I doing things wrong or overlooking some simple tricks? 

tl;dr I trace artwork in an external app and I want to match them back 1:1 in worldmachine.