Author Topic: Inconsistent display between 3D view and layout view at different zooms  (Read 1355 times)

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I am working on an enormous build with a Standard license. It is 221 km wide and 415 km tall, with a maximum altitude of 3000 m. It is a scale model of a fictional island I've imagined for a writing project. I'm encountering issues where geological features look vastly different depending on how I zoom in. For example, vast mountain ranges that span 20 km in width at a ruler scale of 29 km re-render as singular peaks 5 km across at a ruler scale of 23 km. I initially brushed it aside as an inconvenient rendering error, but was confident that in a 3D build I would find some consistency. However, having built my terrain at a relatively low resolution even the result on my main screen and the mini-map in the upper left display are inconsistent.

Does anyone know what my problem is? Is the scale of my project too big for World Machine?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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I'm curious why you're working at such a large scale? It's likely causing the problems. Try working at a smaller scale and then just scaling it up after the fact. For example, in a video game, a resolution of 8K will give you a world that is hundreds of KM in size. I'd suggest divide your scale by 10 and then scale it up in your 3D package after.