Author Topic: Need help making specific land area island with multi terrain types  (Read 1506 times)

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So I'm currently using Zbrush, Blender, World machine pro, Unreal engine 4, substance painter/designer.

And I'm wanting to make a map thats 900 square km, with 2 main islands and like 5-8 really small ones, one having a land mass of 233 sqaure km, and a smaller one that has a 62 sqaure km land mass. Then the really small island should be from .5 sqaure km to 7 km ( and all of the small islands combined shouldn't exceed more than 13 sqaure km)

I want the islands to be fairly close to each other, however the really small ones can be farther away  than the main islands (Which the main islands need to be within 2-4.5 miles)

Now the different biomes/terrain I would want for the 233 sqaure mile one would be. Desert (like flat, and then then like hilly dunes), Rocky canyons, about 3-5  mountans, tropical hills (meaning fairly big hills), forest hilllands/mountainess (like yosemite national park), grasslands, flat forest/frassland, and then another like Yellowstone national park. In some places by the ocean/water I want it to be cliff/canyon like areas

The 62 sqre mile map should be Hilly, with little hills in sections, along with a few small/wide mountains. In some places by the ocean/water I want it to be cliff/canyon like areas

Then the really small island should be primarily flat, with small hills

I'm going to be exporting just the height maps (as it ganna need to be in tilable maps, as I want 1 pixil= 1 meter) to UE4. I could really use a diagram, and a file of this done, with the diagram showing what each thing does)


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I think your project is way too ambitious if you are new to World Machine and I also don't think anyone is willing to create a project with your specifications to explain the process.

I recommend you check some of the examples provided by World Machine itself under "WorldMachine Documents/Examples".
If you have one of the latest dev releases there is an example called "Triple Terrain Type Continent" and if you don't have the dev version there are other examples, like the "Combining terrain types" or "Height Chooser Scene example"