Author Topic: Various suggestions - template naming, terrainwarping, vector diplacement etc.  (Read 1182 times)

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Hello WorldMachine team,

First of all congratulations on a great release with 3019 Mailbox Peak. All the new stuff is very welcome and the responsiveness in the interface and when tweaking nodes is wonderful. Also, now I can finally actually use my Wacom pen with WM :)

I have a few suggestions that would make my life easier and I guess therefore I am not the only one:

1. I usually output geometry, heightmap, and each of the various outputs from Erosion in each their bitmap, plus one or more mixed ones. It would be very helpful if it woud be possible to use template naming, so I don't have to enter and change each output node manually one by one. This is known form 3D DCC's and works like having ie. <Scene> as part of the filename, so when I change my scene name to from Mountain_A_01 to Mountain_B_01, this automatically would be part of the output name of each output geo or bitmap, so I would avoid overwriting the previous set.

2. It would be wonderful to be able to warp terraces and heighmap coloring so it is not perfectly aligned in height, ie. display real life geological plate warping in height, making it easier to create realistic geometry and textures. I have noticed it is possible to warp terraces so they become uneven, but it would be very nice to be able to apply the same warp to the colorizer ramp when mapped to a heightmap.

3. Vector displacement filters for creating overhangs.

4. Nr. 3 could open up for hydrodynamic erosion filters + others and make more advanced rockface and monolithic rock generation possible.

Thank you again for a great new release - I hope you can see the potential benefits of my suggestions and I hope to see them in upcoming versions of WM :)

Best Regards
Morten Bartholdy
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Thanks for all the awesome suggestions and for the kudos on the Mailbox Peak release; so glad you're enjoying it!

Check out the latest dev release, released yesterday! It includes your file name template suggestion. For the rest, stay tuned. :)

- WM Forum Moderator