Author Topic: Startup.tmd has abnormally long build time at 2k resolution and beyond  (Read 1008 times)

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Like the description says, for some reason the startup.tmd builds abnormally long, the erosion node to be specific. At 2049x2049 the build took 3m33s, and just to check i went and built the Grand Canyon example at its default 1022x2049 and it took 1m8s. Is their something i need to check or configure?
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That's natural. The simulation nodes like erosion, thermal erosion, snow simulate nature's forces on your terrain. Takes a lot of time, computing power, and memory to accomplish.


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WFab is right - I'll add that you can estimate the build time to see how things change as you increase and decrease the resolution. If you go to Project Settings, you can hit "Estimate Time to Build". Hope that helps!


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Hi, building time generally releated to your CPU processing power and number of cpu cores.
I have a AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (eight core) and Grand Canyon example took 13 second.

WM definitely needs to handle the erosion calculations on the GPU. But this definitely complex engineering work. I do not think it will be in the near future.