Author Topic: Extremely large world, but with targetted LOD?  (Read 136 times)

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Extremely large world, but with targetted LOD?
« on: October 30, 2018, 12:51:20 PM »
Hi all! Quick question about your lovely software.

I'm a Unity developer in the market for a large-scale world generation system for a railroad-based project. I'd love to have a world in the scale of 500-1,000 km square (that is, 500x500km or 1,000x1,000km), with something like 2-3m detail resolution in the viscinity of the railroad (the 'playable area'), but then large swathes of very low-resolution wherever the railroad track isn't. The high-detail cells would be used for gameplay, and the low-detail cells would serve only for rendering a map of the world in the UI.

I could see something like a world separated into 128x128 cells, and those tiles ranging between 16x16 and 2048x2048 resolution, depending on whether they are close to the railroad or not.

Something like this, with black being 'low res' and white/blue being 'high res' along the railroad line:

(The numbers I suggested here are very rough; I haven't actually calculated how much real estate it would take to pull off this kind of system, nor how much rail line I'm going to be able to lay down on this 'continent.') The creative process would probably involve generating a low-detail map first, then determining where rail lines will be laid (based on terrain features), and then doing a second pass to generate high-detail versions of the tiles that are near the rail.

Does this general concept sound like something WorldMachine would be suited to, or perhaps already have resources for pulling off? (And if not, any clever ideas?)

Thank you very much!