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What is a modder to do.

Started by lucractius, July 12, 2007, 04:35:05 am

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Im about as unlikely to be considered Pro as any bum on the street is when it comes to mapping for games.
But world machine is realy giving me a leg up. however while i can make do without voroni, curves and such... the 512x512 limit... utterly cripples me :cry:

Now were i flush with cash id try and pay just to toy with this, but im not, and i dont make money off it so when i look at my personal morals. I havent realy got a deep desire to pay for a program thats still got a fair few holes in it... just to play with it. (wont list the holes here cause its not the place)

Basicaly im asking either for change in the 512x512 limit (this is even impacting the usability of the program overal, my final hightmaps look lousy and i have to try using a tiny viewport/world size to get any decent look at anything inside the program) or perhaps (though i like this idea less since it seems less fair) a no-upgrade standard licence copy or something, so i can work around that limit and keep doing my amature mapping for supreme commander. (yeah big heightmaps needed lol)


Although I sympathise with your situation, I have to say I think the price for Standard is really quite reasonable. A couple of paper routes, a couple lawns mowed, or a few weeks of saving a dollar a day (or begging for loose change :D). I don't mean to make light of your problem but it does seem like a lot to ask for a completely free version of the program with the same capabilities as the registered version when the cost is already pretty low. I know of very few commercial developers who allow that. WM may have issues, as any software does (and I hope you report them in a separate thread so they can be fixed), but it's remarkably cheap for its capabilities IMO.

I wish you luck in obtaining the necessary funds to register so that you can get the capabilities you need.

- Oshyan


Plus, for simple tasks like supcom, there are free (less ophisticated) terrain generators out there too. ;)
"Every time you read or write beyond the end of an array, somewhere a fairy dies."
Richard Buckland


You can sell some blood and get $$ for WM ;)


Indeed, donating blood twice would be enough to buy WM.
"Every time you read or write beyond the end of an array, somewhere a fairy dies."
Richard Buckland


Haha id donate but not only is it not paid in my country but im also ineligible due to medication.
I also didnt think it was fair to give the free version all the paid features either hes got to make a buck i know. I was just pointing out that the heightmap size restriction seems a little too close to making WM's free version crippleware.


Well,you've got a point there. The 512x512 limit is a sound business plan,
as it requires to buy the standard version if you actually intend to use a
generated heightfield for any purpose, and the pricing is reasonably low
that people like me who are just toying around might actually buy it
anyway (as I did).

As it is, it might be more fitting to rename "Basic" to "Demo".  On the other
hand, if the intent was to provide a free community edition for non-commercial
purposes, the better way would be just blocking advanced devices and
productivity features such as the explorer view and preview locking,
possibly also reducing output to 12-bit for high resolution worlds or
watermarking a corner of the output with a world machine logo :)


I think (and it's only my opinion) that at the beginning, WM was created for Terragen users. There were only a few people who used it for other software...
The unregistered version of Terragen didn't allow the use of terrains greater than 513x513.
So I think this limitation was due to this: those who could afford the Terragen license would be able to pay a little bit more to register WM too.

Anyway... I think you can do a lot of things with a 512x512 terrain...


I suppose for specific purposes, mostly related to game world creation, 512x512 may seem small. But having used that size of terrain for several years as a Terragen artist I can tell you it's not insignifiicant nor crippling and you can actually do some very nice scenes at that resolution. Again however when trying to create a reasonably sized interactive game world it's a different story.

WM's market has expanded a lot since its introduction and with gaming being a more common use it may be worth considering to increase the limit to perhaps 1025x1025, but certainly removing the size limit altogether, or even allowing 4097x4097, does not seem reasonable. There will always be the need for higher resolution terrains, for hobbyists as well as professionals, no matter how much is allowed in the free version. For a commercial product a limit must be set somewhere on the free version. That a non-time-limited version is even provided should also be appreciated. And again we're talking about a piece of software that is pretty darn cheap in the first place...

- Oshyan


Quote from: nikita on July 13, 2007, 02:15:50 am
Plus, for simple tasks like supcom, there are free (less ophisticated) terrain generators out there too. ;)

um first:: name a few please? I think L3DT lacks the controllability that WM has; cause you have a few sliders and that's it here i can mask stuff i can apply erosion to a certain area and so on; to be short:: I have control over it and I can for example draw a simple sketch with Photoshop and import that sketch into WM and do a basic erosion or any other manipulation;

second:: @ Original Poster:: the maximum map you can achieve would be 1024x1024 by making a 512x512 WM map and copy & paste it four times in PS and then rotate the pieces; you still need to blur the edges away inside the editor, but that isn't too difficult.


Well.. this is the world machine forum after all, so I won't name the generators of the competition here ;) Google is you friend.
If you like wm that much, you could try and find an older version of it that didn't have the 512² limit.
"Every time you read or write beyond the end of an array, somewhere a fairy dies."
Richard Buckland


August 10, 2007, 10:03:49 am #11 Last Edit: March 08, 2008, 02:35:56 am by Fenring
Everyone wants something for nothing huh? I can understand if people with low income dont want to pay for ridicoulusly high priced software like photoshop or 3ds max, but common I could afford world machine being a poor student and all. I'll gladly support the development for an never better version, I guesss the world machine author gotta eat to  :shock: I use World Machine for the Battlefield 2 mod Forgotten Hope (http://forgottenhope.filefront.com), I've even written tutorial about World Machine:

And ecourages other mappers to use it since its so powerfull especially in combination with Terragens texturing abilities.


August 21, 2007, 09:52:20 pm #12 Last Edit: August 21, 2007, 09:54:24 pm by VorpalBlade
How about Blender? Anyone using it? Might be an option. It's free and just as professional as the big guys in my opinion.


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