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What have YOU produced with World Machine? Call for submissions!

Started by Stephen, June 20, 2008, 03:56:30 am

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Hey everyone,

we're approaching release time again! I'm very exciting about all of the new functionality and features available in World Machine 2, and I think all of you will be as well. :)

The new website is going to go live shortly for WM 2; and what I really want to go with it are some new example results. I'd love to see not just final renders, but also your results of using World Machine terrains in your game or mod.

Email me at [email protected] with your submissions!
-- Stephen Schmitt
- Creator of World Machine


I do have a few screenies lying around of a couple of projects:

1) AnduinVale- farmland amd rivers I seem to remember. Pretty cool- just never got around to completing it.

2) Misty Mountains - humungous layouts and cool landscapes based on the European Alps.



I played around a bit today when i recieved my copy of WM 2.0 Pro (loving it already!) what a great release. Here's two examples i made tonight.. the landscape is something i quickly made in WM2 then generated the greyscale 16bit map and exported it as a tiff, and i also generated the colormap, both maps at 2048x2048 resolution. After that was done i loaded them into Maxwell Studio where i created a simple shader to map on a planar mesh, ran a couple of testrenders of it to check the height and level of detail in the displacement, when all looked fine i let it cook for around 10 hours while i were out having fun. Ofcourse these were both rendered with Maxwell Render 1.7 :)

Click on the thumbnail links below to view these at full resolution.

/ Magnus


It's just a WM2 render of my first practice project, but I thought it came out pretty good.

Full sized versions...


VorpalBlade: Those look real nice, i like the detail in them :) post some more now

Here's two more of mine generated today, i call them alien landscapes because they kinda look like alien landscapes.. no colormaps generated yet, but once i figure out how to make them i'll create them hehe

Thumbnail links below, click to view.

I ran a testrender of a mountainrange generated in WM2, this tesrender is with the techpreview of Terragen 2. :) 12 minutes rendering.

A 2 hour render with clouds and stuff..

/ Magnus


-- Stephen Schmitt
- Creator of World Machine


System info: WindowsXP 64bit, 4gb ram, nvidia 9800 gtx, World Machine 2 Pro (using the 64bit version unless noted)


VorpalBlade: Thanks :) bonetissue, yes ofcourse. I didn't think of that

One more.. this is a WM2 landscape brought into TG2 techdemo version and draped with a snowcover, a sun and a atmospheric setting and rendered. Although this is a relative small landscape in size when rendered like this is looks quite massive :) i like that.

Rendertime varies between an hour to two hours for these images.

/ Magnus


WM2 and TG2 seem made for each other.  I wish I knew what I was doing with WM2 (let alone TG2) - these products amaze me!!



Nice stuff!!. That alien skin thing looks great.

Stephen, it would be awesome to have some sort of communal royaltyfree area for Scenes, Macros, heightmaps etc.

often I see an image and think..hmm...what settings did they use?

What I am interested in seeing is how close people can get their camera to the ground and still see nice interesting detailing.



I did these during beta testing. This is part of our ongoing work at the Middle Earth DEM Project:
This series shows the sheer scale possible within WM id the terrains are exported as tiled tilesets.
The layouts were created by extracting the ridge networks from a dem of the European Alps.
The terrain is built to have correct hydrology (water flow) across it's surface- so if you drop water on the mountains, the water will eventually flow down to the sea along the river courses on the map.






some more odds and ends...




I've since done more work on this project so more screenies to follow...:)



Quote from: duke on July 06, 2008, 04:42:08 am
Here's what I've been working on:

This reminds me of the Cassini maps of Titan's lakes. The resemblance is uncanny...


I tested Luxology Modo's displacement and then i used one of my WM2 landscapes for that test, here's my result :) btw, i displaced a simple 24x24 subdivided plane and lit the resulting scene with Modo's physical sky. The animation is 200 frames long and it rendered pretty fast at around 30-60 seconds per frame (average speed) and the polycount per frame was around 3 to 5,5 million.

Some exampleimages below showcasing when i tried to push Modo's displacement to it's limits for my system which seems to be around 30 million polys. :)

Thumbnail link

And finally, the animation!

/ Magnus


Quote from: TerrainGuy on August 08, 2008, 07:57:07 am

Does that game use WM for it's terrain?  Did you help work on that game?  A bit more info on why you posted that link would be nice.  :?


worldmachine was used in production.  Maps were pre-rendered based on a randomization code that would export .bmp that I would use as file inputs.  Those would lay the groundwork telling my script where ocean, coast, hills and mountains were.  Using spliters, I would split off the coast, mountains etc., run them through their own process, combine them at the end of the script, and export a heightmap.  I also used the same script to also export an rgb mask using select height + slope, those would tell the game where to place the textures, like mountains and snow. 


Very cool TerrainGuy.  Sounds like you put together a nice setup.  Thank you for sharing more info.  :)


ok here is something made for the hl2 engine..I am yet to really put some color in it...I took an raw file capture using a plugin for nasa World Wind..then put it though some devices in wm2.  Its about 32500 square map with 600 x 600 displacments in game.  The whole terrain is textured with a 2048 square image from wm2 including a normal map and has a detail tiling texture under it..not finished but the color version should be done by the end of today..oh and the region is Ceuta



Hmm ok thought I had allready registered but I guess not..so I made some other post under the name of carbon_adam..well thats me..I work for a small company making a computer game about migration(GoldExtra).  so hi again everyone..think you will see me allot on here ..esp if I get this new job next week making terrains for a snowboarding game.weeee

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