Add scene name in ouput

Hi here, I’m new to World machine but I’ve got nice results already.

I’m trying to add the scene name into my output file, but this is where I’m struggling.

First I tried to add <scene> to the output string: “<project> <scene> <name> <res>.png”. but no chance there, I get “INVALID”. then looked into the documentation but I could not find the list of available dynamic values.

Then I noticed that the filename could be an input of the output node, I looked for string manipulation nodes but I’m confused as I could not find any, but I would still need a way to fetch the scene from a node anyway.

Ideally, I would also need some conditional branching based on the selected scene to change the channels of my texture weightmap input, If I had that I could just duplicate the output node and get around the need to set the filename

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Hi Titan.

Instead of using scene use extent like this:

< project > < extent > < name > < res >.png.

This will work for you.

Hope this helps?

Thanks, it worked. Is this documented somewhere ?
again, if there is a way to use that value to change some nodes behavior that would be great.

You can find all the placeholders in the Export Terrain Assets window :slight_smile:

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