Allow Colorizer to have a color image input for macro purposes

Adding a second input or a parameter input on the colorizer that takes rgb file inputs for colortables would be a great feature to have in World Machine, as it opens up the possibility of more easily customizable texturing macros.

However so far, I can’t think of another possible use for this, possibly a gradient parameter in macros for gradient editing outside of the macro?

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I agree! :slight_smile:

Dramatically improved color table support is planned for the next major feature release already, including being able to pipe in a rgb packet as a color table plus a lot more.

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I hope something like the Gaea color synth is included, it takes an image and automatically generates a gradient from it, allowing the user to adjust a randomizer seed, a granularity slider and a few other things.
It seriously makes coloring very much faster

I’m not familiar, but yes, it should be at least that powerful…

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I don’t really know how it works, but I think it somehow avoids getting the colors from the sky in each picture, maybe it just removes all strong blue colors or it has some advanced image recognition going on.

If you include something like that please make it toggleable

If I recall correctly Gaea uses maps from satellite images, not images taken from the ground pointing up or any images taken from the ground containing sky.

There is a node which allows an image input. It’s called synth

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