Blending fails which results in overall build failing

  1. My current tiled build is 64km x 64m. Everything goes smoothly up until when building the tiled world reaches the point where it needs to blend the tiles. Across all tiles blending fails in which once it reaches the end of the list of tiles the build than fails.
  2. I used a file input(cant post it though because I am new user, the file is of a 64km x 64km map, output_srtm.ter file) and a layout generator(to build mountains as a world border). Used a combiner to add them together. Than split the height output of the combiner into four different components. 1 being the height output. The other 3 being sent to select slopes and than sent to 3 height outputs labeled for different slopes(High, Mid, Low Angles).

File Input:

  • Height: 64.3719km
    *Width: 64.3719km

Tiled Build Options:
*Tile Resolution: 4033x4033.
*Tiles per Side: 16x16.
*Blending Percentage: 25%.
*Final Resolution: 64528x64528, 15885MB.
*Checked: Share edge vertices and Flip Y-Axis Orientation.

General Setup:

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