Canyon-ish Terrain - pls comment and give critics

hi there,

this is a W.I.P. of a canyon-stylized terrain.

Please give comments and tell me, what I could do better…


Alternative Version

Problem: some areas are too steep - how to adjust “overall steepness” of the terrain?
(Something like “set terrain to have no angles greater 70 degrees”)


Glorious strata shapes, how did you get them? could you share a world file?

WTG looks great . Making a Canyon is not easy. I agree it is a to steep and has to many terrace at some places

First one looks great! Second terrain would create problems in high resolution. Still quite brilliant stratification.

Thanks for the feedback thus far…


Any ideas, how I could fix the “steepness”? (it depends a bit on the terrace-shape value, but how to set a “max angle value” in general/global?)
What problems do you mean, when going to high res?
(Would 2k be a high res for you? - both terrains are in 2K res 16x16km btw)


the strata-fx mainly comes from layering terraces and altering the shape-slider.
Maybe I share a file at the end, when I am happy with the results…

Meanwhile a version with less terraces overall and a bit more “smooth”


I really like the texturing/shading…is it a tweaked preset or something you made yourself entirely?

The advanced perlin has controls for steepness, but I think in the end it is the terrace filter which causes extreme vertical faces.
At the moment I don’t have an immediate suggestion, I’m afraid. Sorry.



hello, the texturing is done by mixing toghether some colorizer-presets (desert, drainage, dirty)
and adding some solid colors with the “simple Layer macro”. Maybe I should mix in some real life texture?!

Yes, the terrace-filter needs some “steepness/angle control” - found no way to manipulate this, so far :frowning:


So - any suggestions?

What about adding Thermal-Weathering? Or snow (I mean sand)?

I am thinking about adding some stones/rocks with the new “instance scatter device”… but got no stone/rock ready to scatter…

So help/ideas are welcome :slight_smile:


edit: Now I´ve added some sand and thermal weathering. I also scaled the down the pattern of the upper plateaus a bit…

Looks very good so far!

Hi Paul!

Sorry for the late reply. You’ve done a great job so far. You can create stones by using layout device combined with blur node to round it off. Bake it out and combine with very subtle advanced perlin noise. Then scatter it as per your need. About the vertical faces, you seemed to have it under control already. Your resolution 16km at 2k should be okay, I meant 4k or more.

Hey Pratyaksh,

what do ya mean by “baking it out”?

And yes, I altered the “Terrace shape” and steepness a bit and somehow it´s not that steep anymore :wink:

Maybe I will calculate the 16x16km @8193x8193 and then chop it into 4x4 2049x2049 tiles.
So it will be a good ratio and should not give problem - or what do you think?

I really would like to scatter some rock around… then I think it´s done!


I meant “build it out”. Baking is a CG term for building an image texture out of a procedural object. Although this does not actually apply to wm as all calculations are baked internally anyway, it’s an old habit!

I like your new build WTG.

I love this look, does anyone have the method on how to reproduce this?