Combine Road Heightmap with Terrain?

So I want to generate terrain with a road at specific heights, and then have it blend in with the surrounding terrain.

I have a road heightmap and then made a blackout mask for it so I could avoid applying noise to it etc.

The surrounding terrain looks good in certain places, but very bad in others. Do I just have to make another mask for where I want the terrain to be?

I’d include the .tmd I’ve been using but apparently I’m too new to upload these.

To be honest, this is actually for a mini-railroad. The two odd clips in are for a tunnel that goes under the upper track.

The road example doesn’t really apply as WM4 is very poor with both complicated and different elevation paths. I crashed it several times attempting this option.

I’ve attempted everything I can think of with Chooser & Combiner. Last night I tried Mimic as it seemed it might apply, but again maybe I should be using a terrain heightmap I’ve made, combined with the track, then Mimic’d for terrain before final processing? I can’t think of how else to smooth more between the track layout and the terrain. I can Blur more but then the ‘track’ areas are no longer flat.

Hi there,

Can you post your track heightfield/mask?

Generally speaking, there are a few approaches to creating terrain around your existing road, depending on how manual or automatic you want the process to be. My first attempt would probably be to manually rough out where I want mountains and valleys to be using the Shapes device, then modify that with noise.

When it comes time to combine the track geometry heightfield with the created terrain, you’ll almost certainly use a Chooser to do so. With the input heightfield and mask you’re using, I"m sure plenty of folks here could mock up the correct approach for you, modulo your art direction on how the terrain to look.

Regarding layout view crashes, are you using build 4016? If so, I’d be interested in any dump files you have where the layout view is crashing.

Of course! I created both a heightmap version, and another just to mask out anything from affecting the first.

On the shape crashing it does look like I’m out of date, I’ll update and play with it some more.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Had to separate this, only one media item per post.

The full mask: