Combine seperate rivers

Hey it‘s me again!

I‘ve got another question about rivers. My water system is now almost exactly what I wanted it to be with the exception of one thing. I dont know if it is possible to create islands within the river device.

Because I dont know that, I tried it by creating two river devices and combining them. That works out kind of okay but my problem with this is that I dont know how to tie the two terrains together.

Each time I try it with combiners it makes one river flat, which I want, and the other river is very uneven and of course not flat.

I hope I explained it good enough. If it’s unclear what I mean I will of course provide some screenshots later when I’m on my pc.

Thank you!

I’m having some trouble understanding your question. You can of course create two separate reaches in one river device, then it should blend quite well, or use two river devices and blend the output of those together. The latter may be a bit more tricky and requires you to use the combine water macro, which is part of the standard macro library for WM.

But posting some screenshots would really help :wink:

I´m referring to your second point. I want two seperate river devices but I´m having trouble combining the two terrains.

I hope these screenshots show what my issue is. I´ve tried it with everything I know can combine two terrains but I´m no expert thats why I´m asking here :slight_smile:

My goal is basically to create these islands in the middle of a river by using 2 seperate river devices.

Instead of using the average method, I think using the min method will give you the desired result.