Contacting Support

I’ve sent a couple of email to the support email addresses about purchasing and licences and it took over a month to get a reply. I value support and response times when looking at software. Is there a special email address that can be used to get through to support quicker?

Ah, support can be a bit slow because iirc this software is managed by a single person.
I would try instead of support, but I can’t really guarantee that it’ll be quicker.

EDIT: Forums is most likely your best bet for asking around :smiley:

Thanks I have tried that email too a couple of days ago.

Hopefully it will be quicker than the month it took last time to get a reply.

Hi there,

Demo licenses take a bit of effort to spin up, so I try to batch them and only process them once a week or so. I’ll see what I can do to expedite this for you!

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