Create Water - Rivers Do Not Touch the Ocean Uniformly

I’ve noticed this problem a few times. The Create Water device does not seem to be as accurate as the existing water from my Coastal Erosion (comparing to the mask). The screen shot shows the water mask overlaid on the terrain in Scene View with water.

I see the right shapes with the Coastal Erosion water, too, so something is lost in the Create Water device.

Okay, I took a hint from my second screenshot and looked at the Create Water device output, directly. Here, I can see the correct ocean inlets. Unfortunately, there is still a problem with the rivers coming into it (and with the mesh integration between land and water.)

Here’s the .tmd for debugging purposes:

continents 211009 01.tmd (495.4 KB)

Well, yay for me! This turned out to be one of those times where I figured out the solution on my own. Turns out I needed another Coast Erosion between my ocean floor erosion and my land erosion. Plugged into the Flow Restructure and Create Water devices, it all finally matched up.

Updated .tmd file: continents 211009 01.tmd (502.1 KB)


Glad to hear you’ve figured it out yourself. In this thread, someone experienced a similar problem, and it comes down to:

For the full answer, you can take a look at the thread.

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