Dev Build 4020 'Mt Rainier' available

World Machine LTE

‘Mt Rainier’ Release

Build 4020

Build 4020 is a bugfix release for 4019 with some additional improvements, in particular to the River device.

This release is currently Dev-only for widespread testing before migrating to Release.


  • Added ‘interactive edit’ toggle to the layout view, to control if editing in that viewport should trigger a preview
  • Reduced minimum preview size to 32px

River device changes

  • Re-added a tab for controlling the GCS parameters of a river in the editor
  • Added back the various GCS overlay views to the River editor.
  • River now previews on vertex drag
  • River generation is multithreaded

Behavior Fixes

  • Macro memory conservation now matches 3028’s behavior: If the macro is listed in any workview tab menu, it will keep its contents
  • Changing the preview settings in program options will reset existing preview data
  • Re-added HFZ file IO support
  • Fixed bug where TIFF format was forcing output with extension .tiff instead of either .tif or .tiff.
  • Fixed bug where SVG import could not parse extended unicode characters
  • Fixed bug where the Reach Parameter, Parameter Bank devices were ignoring their input parameter packets.
  • Fixed bug where Select Aspect was ignoring its input parameter packets.
  • Fixed bug where the selected & frozen device setting was not preserved on save.
  • Fixed river flip-direction button not working
  • Fixed bug where river drop to terrain wasn’t committing change

Stability Bugfixes

  • Fixed crash when a user-specified folder is not accessible during startup
  • Fixed crash that could occur when applying build results to a project where the resolution changed partway through
  • Fixed crash & corruption bug when removing a GCS from a reach, as well as where it would sometimes “lose” a GCS.
  • Failure to page a packet to disk will no longer crash WM
  • Fixed crash when loading a TGA with a filename longer than 32 characters
  • Fixed crash on quit if autosave files can’t be accessed
  • Fixed rare crash when hovering over a wire
  • Fixed rare crash when hovering over a route point
  • Fixed rare crash in basic visual editor