Does World Machine create backups?

World machine crashed and when I went to open up the file I was working on, it had been replaced with the startup.tmd. Does WM keep any backups? If so where can I find them.

Hi there,

There is an automatic autosave created from every action you take as you work. Assuming all the file paths are setup correctly, after a crash WM should have detected it automatically when it started again after the crash.

You can double check the %APPDATA%\World Machine Release \temp\ folder to see if the autosave.tmd is there.

If you don’t see one, it’s possible that WM is having trouble writing to the autosave because of some kind of path issue.

Hello thanks for the quick response.

I dont think WM registered it as a crash and no crash report was created.
I can only see “tmp” files in that folder, does that mean that the file is lost?

Which version of World Machine are you running? If it is the Dev channel version, it would be in the “World Machine Dev” folder instead of Release. Otherwise, if it doesn’t exist, then it’s probably lost, sorry. :frowning:

In the same folder, you should see a log file called worldmachine_log.txt. If you open it up, take a look to see if you see any mention of not being able to write the auto save file.

It seems that it is lost… The log says that it could not find the autosave.

Thanks for responding so fast.