Error loading Blueprint

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  1. What happened

Started a new world file, selected the Blueprint toolbar, clicked the file icon and selected a Blueprint (happens with any blueprint). The Description panel has the message ‘There was an error loading this blueprint:’ but no error was identified. Clicking on Load Selected button does nothing. However if I click Explore Folder I can load a Blueprint in a new instance of World Machine (and copy and paste it to my original instance) but this seems a bit of a hack.

  1. How to reproduce it (including a world file if possible)
    This happens in any WM file on my computer. Windows 10 on Intel i9.
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OK I solved the problem. For Blueprints to load the default directory must be under C:\My Documents\World Machine Documents, and not on some other, more useful drive. I generally prefer to keep data off my system drive because it fills up too fast. Perhaps WM should not even give the user the opportunity to select some other location as the default directory (at least without a warning)

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