Fatal Memory allocation failure when paging to disk

Before yesterday, paging to disk worked completely fine and my project would build to the end without any hitches. However, when I tried to build my project today when WM tried to page to disk, it failed building the current device and canceled the build, and WM cannot build any further.

*** Build Started ***

Warning: Beginning disk paging to free memory (350MB required)...
Error: Fatal memory allocation failure.

The build has failed; a device could not be built. Perhaps you ran out of memory?

I’ve tried reloading the project, copy pasting it into a new file, changing the page file folder to another disk, none of them worked and WM still cannot page to disk without throwing an error.

Are there any more thing I could try to fix this?

World machine uses it’s own swap files in it’s own “temp” folder (Roaming/World Machine Professional/Temp), not the windows page file. Check if your “C-Drive” or drive with your OS on it, has space on it. Tiled builds in particular leave behind lots of swap data if a build crashes before finishing.

Yeah, I’ve set the WM temp folder to my 1tb ssd instead of my C:/ drive. It has almost 500gb of extra space, lack of space shouldn’t be an issue.

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What’s the version of wm are you using? If it’s not a problem, you can pm me the tmd, so I can test it at my end. If it’s not a problem with space, then it’s a regression from previous versions. There was a bug that was patched in 4017 (I think), where paging caused builder to crash.

I’m using latest, ver. 4020.