Flow Restructure Creating Artifacts?

I’m getting what looks like compression artifacts and I think they come from the Flow Restructure device, see image:

Any wisdom on how I avoid these?

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never noticed those before. I know the Equalizer device can create such artifacts, are you using one in your world?

Nope. I am for some of the outputs, but not in the device stream leading to the heightmap. I took these flat areas to be where the Flow Restructure device was ‘filling up’ the terrain to… restructure.

I’ve been creating a mountain river in my free time, where I’m making use of flow restructure for the valley. While I still haven’t exported any maps directly from that device, I haven’t yet noticed any such artifacts in any terrains I’ve built that have this feature enabled.

The whole flat area around river is flow restructure’s “restructure” feature. 8k build.

EDIT: On closer inspection, I can see some banding indeed! In my case, erosion was washing most of it away, along with further additions to the area. I’d tag this one as a legit “bug”. @WorldMachineAdmin You may wanna take a look at this.

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In my current network the Restructure / Create Water occurs after erosion. Not sure why I did it that way this time but I’ll change that around first thing.

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That foothill looks hot af, the scale is nice, just wanted to say that <3. I do think the river is a bit too wide though.

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I haven’t noticed this before, but it seems possible. :slight_smile:

If you can share a test world or resolutions/details that exhibit this, it would be helpful to take a look at!

@Stephen Here ya go!

Banding test.tmd (25.2 KB)

Is that a bug or an effect? That will happen on the Tutorial 11 - Automatic Rivers map
if you use the same settings on the flow restructure device:

To me its more of an effect, and I quite like it. With less high settings, you will get less of that.

Interestingly, if you change the operation to synthesis (experimental) you wont get that in the file you posted. But you wont be able to achieve the same outcome either.

But its still interesting to experiment.

Yeah it seems like more of “an effect gone wild”, rather than a bug.