Get more specific info

Hi to all!.

I’m trying to get used to implementing World Machine into my workflow.
There’s anywhere I can read specific information about many of the devices and their inputs and outputs?
I couldn’t find any information (in the help center) about the distortion input or what means many of the config options, or even the different inputs and outputs that many devices have. Similar the snow device information seems to be from an old version.

I know that by testing I could get a hand at what the use is. But like any other software, I use I really like to understand what a specific option does so my workflow can be more decision-oriented and less test-surprise

The node reference is a bit outdated at this moment. You’d be better off just downloading the free “basic” version and taking it for a spin. It’s just limited in resolution of hightmaps, and tiling support. You can open all “example projects” from the file menu, and look through the example files and tutorial projects. With tools like this, infinite in scope, this way is the best imho.

If you’re not into “testing” stuff or “learn by doing” methodology, well there’s really no comprehensive “encyclopedic help document” to hold your hand and walk you through the nitty gritty I’m afraid.

Thanks for the answer.

That’s ok. I certainly didn’t look for a “hold your hand walks you through the nitty-gritty”. And “learn by doing” is only useful if you understand what your actions do to understand better the result you get and what decisions to take afterward. Otherwise, it’s just playing around to see what you get, but if that’s efficient for you that’s ok too.

I’ve got some tutorials on WM’s devices, maybe they can help you!

Hi there! Your vids are excellent! I already knew about the noise function and the mathematical variables that are implied from Substance Designer and some coding, same with Voronoi, but your explanation was great and even reminded me a couple of things there!

The rest of the videos too are all great. Many things that aren’t noticeable for a beginner like the effect of mask ambient in the Overlay View Device. Just great. Consider me subscribed

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