How do I store the build data?

Is there a way to store the build data every time the landscape is built, so that the next person opens it, they don’t have to rebuild?

Yes! World Machine offers you to save the current build session along with the file, then, upon reopening the world, World Machine will load in the stored session, giving you the build result from the last save. Do note that you will have to send both the world and session file, and the session file can become quite large in size, so keep that in mind.

Depending on your version of WM it works as follows:

WM 3.x

When closing your world/World Machine, you will be asked to store/save the current build session. Click Yes to save the session.


WM 4.x

Before you build your world (or at the start of the project), go to the File menu in the top left corner and go to Advanced and click Start Session (1 in the image), then, when you save your world, WM will also save the current session to a file and tell you so in a special dialogue window (2 in the image).

Let me know if this answered your question!

Hi @HYLK ,
I have been using the session for awhile to save my progress from sudden crash or hang, but didn’t know it has such cool feature.

Thank you.

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