Islands the old way

There is a great video on creating an island/continent with a lot of water around it (continent is my goal here) and it appears to use a version older than Mt Ranier.

How would one do this in the latest release? I can’t find any of the tools used in the new release. I am new to World Machine.

Hi there,

I’m assuming the main thing you’re having trouble finding is the Layout Generator; it is renamed as the Shapes tool in the current version, although it will come up if you search for layout generator.

In your device workview, hit tab to bring up search, type shapes, and select it. Then double click on the device. You’ll see the interface you’re looking for come up within the Layout View.

Thank you, I will take a look. Now to figure out where it goes in the flow. Thanks again.

Is Shapes the same as the Advanced Perlin Mesh he draws on in the video? Same color and poly drawing abilities.


Hi! I’ve done a little work trying to create continents in World Machine. My most recent example is not a tiled world, since I can’t really afford the Professional version, but it does have a technique for making good continent shapes with rivers. This is the file.

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Thank you! I will take a look!