Macro Parameter Settings

This is my first post in actually any forum… anyways whenever I use macros or create macros, when adding too many parameters the confirm button when using it usually is hidden and can’t be clicked due to all the parameters added on certain monitor sizes. Therefore I have a solution. Set it to where if you have 10+ parameters it divides the amount of parameters into 2 columns. etc. If need be there can be more columns, but I highly doubt macros will have 50+ parameters. But yea.

Does this sound good?


Have you tried the latest development build? (LTE-4005)

It has a scroll bar for parameters. :wink:

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To give you an idea of what it looks like in the upcoming World Machine:

I do agree it would be cool if the macro creator had some control over creating columns, as it is sometimes more logical to have two columns instead of one big list.

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