More Ideas for Colorizer Device

Here are some features related to the colorizer that I think would be great and useful to many people:

  1. Being able to select a portion of a image input for colorizer horizontally, similar to Gaea.
    This would be very useful because it no longer means that if someone has a premade set of colortables, they no longer need to crop the image outside of WM or clamp the terrain to select the desired range of colors in the colortable.

  2. Small other small utility features for colorizer
    These would include:

  • Being able to reverse/flip the input colortable image
  • A possible separate output(?) device that could receive multiple colortables, either external or made inside the colorizer device, and compress them into a single image
  • Connecting with above, a colortable input/output port on the colorizer would be nice.
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Hi there,

More or less all of these are already in-progress for the next major feature release of World Machine :slight_smile:


I would like to be able to select some color points and move them together across the image / gradient as a group.
Also a saturation slider to effect the whole image / gradient would be great .

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