Moving light in Overlay View

Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:

I updated the software, and I can’t find how to move the lighting in the overlay view.
I thought it was Ctrl + Left button of the mouse on the previous version I used.
If someone knows how to do it, I 'll be happy to know how to do it .

You can still left click and drag in that small preview on the top left for moving the light. For more complex lighting, use either “lighting generator” device, or use “basic renderer” macro shipped with world machine.

Thanks Wfab :grinning:
I just realized that it 's doesn’t work when the Overlay View node is selected.
Have a good day !

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Tried “scene view” device yet? It’s a slightly extended “overlay view”, adding water input to it. I haven’t used overlay view device in a while, years probably.